Lyle & Scott Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video

Lyle & Scott used to be a brand that you associated straight away with one, definitive style. There was a clear sense of what Lyle & Scott was: their take on preppy combined with British themes encapsulated the brand. You could often recognise Lyle & Scott by the look of the clothes alone.

That is no longer possible. Not because the brand has deteriorated or rotted or been corrupted, but because it has spread into a new form. Gone is the single Lyle & Scott look. Now, there are many.

‘On the Road’ and ‘Into the Wild’ are the two parallel strands that form the new autumn/winter 2012 collection.

‘On the Road’ has more denims; is more urban; it’s heart lies in the landscapes of cities and towns. ‘In the Wild’ is the classical look of Scottish golf (the look from which Lyle & Scott Vintage was born) modified with trends and a focus on young styles. A combination of the two could potentially create a plethora of looks.

Clearly the people involved wanted to make a collection that spoke through it’s clothes. It’s not a brand creation exercise – we’ve had enough of those.

Today, FashionBeans is proud to showcase a WORLD EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes video from the latest Lyle & Scott AW12 lookbook photo shoot…

Lyle & Scott Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video:

Disclosure, a band showcased by Lyle & Scott’s gig series, ‘Curated by Lyle & Scott’, provide the music, and the crew are as wonderful as the cast. The Smoke Man looks suitably manic, and the Photographer suitably suave.

Even if some of us will never get there, it gives an enticing look at life behind the lookbook.