The Man That Tans!

We have all had that post-holiday compliment; they tend to vary but usually involve the words healthy and/or glow, so it’s only natural to want to retain this slightly more sun savvy version of yourself. Pre ‘fake tan’, the only way to maintain that healthy glow long into autumn would be to book a flight to a somewhere nearer to the equator and bake in the sun all week long. Whilst a last minute get away is not always viable, we can however take a post work trip to see celebrity tanner James Harknett, who is a spray-tan expert.

Not the first place we would expect to visit to get our tan on, the W is the kind of place you would go on first date drinks when you really want to make a great first impression. Leave the glossy bar area and take the lift to the 4th floor, home of the plush and expertly equipped Away Spa. Here celebrity tanner James Harknett will greet you and begin the in-depth consultation.

James instantly puts you at ease, and from the offset it is clear he knows his stuff. Asking the right questions to understand the needs of his client, he achieves a natural and subtle result. Of course, if your desired result is more David Dickinson than David Beckham he would happily oblige but James specialises in giving a natural looking tan, thankfully.

Using innovative product Sienna X tan ensures that classic biscuit smell is not an issue, so unless you want to tell everyone about your faux tan there will be no tell-tale odours. That natural bronze colour is instant yet the tan develops underneath – meaning after the morning shower (prepare for the water to run brown for a few minutes) you reveal the final result.

As James is an expert tanner that provides a bespoke treatment, the result not only takes your skin tone to the desired level of golden but leaves you looking more toned and muscular through clever use of contouring and shadowing. The results will last up to a week (possibly beyond if you are a keen moisturiser) and always fade naturally, so patchiness is not an issue.

Prices start from £40, so it’s perhaps not something that will become part of your weekly routine – but it is well worth getting James to do a treatment for an event where you want to look your best. James is also a fountain of tanning knowledge and more than happy to advise you on how to achieve a natural looking man-tan at home.

The fake tan has gotten a bad rep in recent years – there is no doubt about it – but forget the likes of Joey Essex’s and experience how you can benefit from the man-tan.

Visit James at the Away Spa at the W by calling: 0207 758 1071

Sienna X tan can be bought at

James Harknett Launches The Man-tan At The Away Spa At The W

The Man-tan At The Away Spa At The W

The Man-tan At The Away Spa At The W