During my hunt for the latest solution to my woeful skin troubles I stumbled across ManCeuticals; a brand of grooming products designed specifically for men – so we’re not even being targeted with re-branded products from a women’s collection!

The name ‘ManCeuticals’, as you may have guessed, is derived from the prefix ‘man’ and the suffix ‘ceuticals’ as the collection is directed toward the male species and the products contain much more potent ingredients than the typical high street skin repair collections.

ManCeuticals have developed their niche around the intention of delivering dermatological solutions that pack a punch. All of the products on offer contain between 10-25% active ingredients (instead of the average 1%) because ManCeuticals want their products to deliver a difference – instead of simply laying claim to a possible improvement in skin condition.

Each cream and serum packs in enough active ingredients to be full bodied enough to rejuvenate the skin yet still qualify as a beauty product rather than a form of medicine. Their products are critically acclaimed by the media and customers alike, with the brand choosing to develop a few key solutions to an extremely high quality, rather than spreading their time and research across 50 different forms of moisturiser. This has ensured that each and every product produces noticeable results, with the range helping combat everything from dark under-eye bags to wrinkles and shaving irritation.

The current skincare range consists of:

  • ManCeuticals Dark Circle Eye Treatment (15ml): Breakthrough dark circle eye gel, clinically developed to combat severe dark circles & eye bags. Formulated exclusively for men, who tend to suffer with more acute dark circles and eye bags than women.
  • ManCeuticals Maximum Hydration Face Lotion (45ml): Deep acting 24-hour moisturising lotion, ensures that skin is intensely hydrated and nourished. Added anti-oxidants and vitamins leave skin fresh and energized, whilst at the same time prevent against the signs of ageing.
  • ManCeuticals Deep Wrinkle Combat Gel (45ml): Incredibly powerful anti-wrinkle gel packed full of the most advanced ingredients used by dermatologists to drastically reduce the appearance of existing deep wrinkles, as well as preventing them.
  • ManCeuticals Post Shave Multi Action Balm (45ml): Revolutionary 4-in-1 post shave balm. Treats ingrown hairs, soothes irritation, provides 24 hour moisturisation and delays hair growth over time (meaning less frequent shaves).
  • ManCeuticals Wrinkle Relaxant Gel (45ml): ManCeuticals Wrinkle Relaxant Gel is a dermaceutical grade anti-ageing serum that is packed full of some of the most advanced ingredients used by dermatologists to drastically reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles, as well as prevent them.

ManCeuticals could well be one of those infamous ‘miracle creams’ – but one that finally lives up to its claim.

For more information or to shop the range head over to the ManCeuticals website.

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ManCeuticals collection

ManCeuticals collection