Mark McNairy Contrast-Sole Suede Derby Shoes

As men’s fashion steadily progresses, we begin to focus more and more on statement pieces. Men, previously too shy to attract attention to their outfits, are now pushing boundaries with bright chinos, colorful outerwear, playful socks and a plethora of quirky accessories. With such a wide array of possibilities, we seem to have forgot one very crucial statement piece; the contrast-sole shoe.

Luckily, designer Mark McNairy does not make the same mistake and instead offers us a pair of wonderful contrast-sole shoes in suede. These Derby lace-ups come leather-lined for comfort and feature a rounded toe for complete versatility. The classic navy suede lends itself nicely to any casual look, and the striking thick yellow rubber soles add the perfect accent to any outfit.

Wear them on the weekend with a fine-knit sweater and burgundy/olive chinos to really hit the hottest colour trends of the season. The more muted your outfit, the more your yellow soles will pop, so keep that in mind when forming your look.

For a daring approach, try pairing the shoes with a classic slim navy suit and a muted shirt. Accessorize with a knit tie and a matching yellow tie bar or pocket square to really set off the whole outfit.

The final step to really making these your own is swapping the white laces with a more interesting pair. The most obvious choice would be, of course, matching bright yellow, but if you want to get creative, experiment with orange, mustard yellow or navy to tone them down a bit. Buy several colors and you can swap them to your mood and the occasion.

This striking pair of shoes offers great comfort and versatility, and retails at £225. The high heel and bright yellow contrast sole of this expertly crafted pair make it the perfect statement shoe for the season.

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Mark McNairy Contrast-Sole Suede Derby Shoes:

Mark McNairy Contrast-Sole Suede Derby Shoes

Mark McNairy Contrast-Sole Suede Derby Shoes