Marvis Whitening Toothpaste

Life is full of little luxuries, and Marvis’ Mint Toothpaste range is definitely one of these. Continuing our guide to some of our favourite grooming products on the market, today we bring you what most would consider an unconventional product to spend good money on.

Marvis is a Florence based, Italian toothpaste brand who you probably wouldn’t have heard of until today, unless you were a grooming industry expert or insider. They are renowned for creating classic mint toothpastes using extensive and precise traditional methods to guarantee a rich, creamy paste that is unlike anything you have experienced before. Sounds over the top right? Well, I can tell you that this is not just sales hype.

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of the mint whitening toothpaste, and you wouldn’t believe how such a simple product could completely reinvigorate your daily routine. We all have to clean our teeth twice a day – it’s a given if we want to maintain healthy gums, teeth and general oral hygiene. Your smile is one of your biggest weapons when it comes to your personal style, and your teeth are something that you should always look after. (If that doesn’t motivate you, they can certainly become a real drain on your finances if you don’t look after them.)

This means that (at least) twice a day we go through the experience of brushing our teeth. That’s right, 730 times a year you will go through this 2-3 minute ritual, so why wouldn’t you want to make it that little bit more appealing.. and even, gasp, enjoyable?

I cannot fully describe the sensation and taste of this toothpaste, or even do it justice. It is unlike any other big name brand I have tried before, and I am now truly converted. At £5.50 for 75ml, it might cost the same as 3 tubes from your local ASDA, but for the feeling of freshness, superb taste and overall confidence it provides internally after each brush, I just cannot bring myself to go back.

The way I look at it is this: I will spend £100 on knitwear or even £500 on the right coat, so to spend a fiver on something that has turned an every day chore into something that is almost an addictive experience – you can’t put a price on that.

Not only that, the packaging is superb and just adds to the overall experience. From the old gentlemanly branding to the colourful tube to the elegantly sculpted twist cap, it makes you feel like something special is about to happen each time you reach for it.

Yes, Marvis’ Whitening Toothpaste is definitely one of life’s little luxuries, and thoroughly deserves its place within our list of great grooming products – and a space in your bathroom cabinet.

You can buy a variety flavours and sizes of Marvis Toothpaste at Niven & Joshua now.

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Marvis Mint Toothpastes Range

Marvis Mint Toothpastes Range