Schuh x FashionBeans: The Colour of Burgundy

When a gentleman has a problem, he talks it over with a tailor rather than a priest or a shrink. But when he is told to, “walk it off” – a man will hear this at many times throughout his life, often for very different reasons – it is expected that he turns to the country’s finest shoemakers for some deep sole-cleansing.

FashionBeans has teamed up with Schuh to bring you an insider’s look at what is tipped as the go-to hue for spring/summer 2012 footwear. Through a carefully curated selection of looks exclusive to FashionBeans, we will showcase the key burgundy styles you need in your wardrobe this season.

Even after 30 years, Schuh show no sign of slowing down. By their own admission, it’s business as Schuh-sual.

Top Burgundy Footwear: SS12
Loake Strand

Few cobblers lay claim to the home of English shoe making as convincingly as those in Northamptonshire. A recurrent legend has it that every pair of shoes – 50 million to date – produced by Loake is as handsome as their 19th century founders, and every generation in the family-owned business since.

The hand crafted Loake Strand shoe is lovingly crafted by more than 260 hands across their 8-week manufacturing process.

The classically styled Strands even get a nod from Her Majesty the Queen. It goes without saying that we would fight her for the last pair.

Loake Strand

Dr Martens 1461z Gibson

It’s not often that the attitudes of postmen, skinheads and new-wave musicians are met in the middle. However, in 1945 Dr Klaus Martens made way for a new brotherhood, with his footwear the architect of this now famous sub-culture.

In the face of international acclaim (the biggest success coming when The Who guitarist, Pete Townshend, donned a pair of black 1460s) not much has changed since the stomp-around style of the original 8-eyelet boot.

The iconic yellow stitching of the lovingly dubbed ‘Docs’ has carried over to their contemporary designs, sitting between the soft leather uppers and the unique AirWair sole. Hotly tipped for spring 2012: Dr Martens Windsor collection.

Mens Dr Martens 1461z Gibson Shoes

Red or Dead Roll Oxford

Style and marriage advice do not often go hand in hand. Yet, refuting marital ties is the partnership Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway, the founders of Red or Dead footwear. The couple followed the path of Jeremy Hackett; emptying their wardrobes onto a market stall before selling used clothes from all around the world out of their first outlet store in 1983.

This season, Red or Dead – whose brand name is a reference to Wayne’s red Indian roots – have created a pair of Oxfords that will help channel dandy in any formal situation.

The high shine and perforated detailing is sure to give these tappers pride of place in your evening wear. The Red or Dead footwear collection is exclusive to Schuh.

Mens Red Or Dead Roll Oxford Shoes

Bass Layton Tassel

While English heritage continues to influence fashion designers worldwide, American Prep style is making a splash both sides of the pond. This season’s most coveted clogs come from the skilled workmanship at Bass. The original ‘Mr Shoe’, George Henry Bass has been lending his styles to style icons the world over since 1876; you’ll forgive them for dropping names such as James Dean and Michael Jackson.

SS12 sees the traditional loafer given an instant upgrade, with tassel detailing at the forefront of the design. The raised seam stitching is an emblem for footwear founded on skilled workmanship, the finest materials and classically designed and refined silhouettes.

Mens Bass Layton Tassel Shoes

The Final Word

From walking down the aisle, to walking off hangovers, shoes are the ever present paraphernalia of a true gentleman. A poor choice or those treated with unprivileged care can ruin even the finest of suits.

The four styles showcased today have been hand selected by the experts at Schuh and FashionBeans as the most coveted footwear you can own this season. You heard it here first; burgundy is the new black.

Schuh x FashionBeans: Burgundy Footwear Picks

Schuh group images

Schuh group images

Schuh group images