I should probably preface this piece by saying that I’m not talking about having a skinny body vs. that of a Greek god; that is another subject entirely. This is actually something of a reboot of an article I penned right around the time I first started writing for FashionBeans.

Back then I asked whether skinny jeans had any place in a man’s wardrobe. I think the definitive answer to that is yes, yes they do, but now I want to question just how skinny our skinny jeans can get. I want fresh eyes, fresh minds and vocal opinions to consider the question: how skinny is too skinny?

The Debate: How Skinny Is Too Skinny?

This was a question I asked myself the other day after one of my work colleagues commented on how tight my jeans were. He was of the opinion that they were just too tight and looked a bit immature. Admittedly, these were exceedingly tight jeans that I only ever wear casually, but it did throw up some rather interesting issues.

Considering the point raised above, is there an age limit to skinny jeans? I would say immediately that there isn’t, you can wear skinny jeans for as long as you want so long as they suit your frame. The thing here is perhaps just how skinny your skinny jeans are – do they err on the skinny side of slim or do you have to jump up and down to pull them on?

Common sense would dictate that an older gent would be better off with the wider end of the scale, but should that prevent you from experimenting? As with anything in fashion, you buy the clothes that suit you: your body, your style and your look. Skinny jeans shouldn’t necessarily be excluded from that.

Despite this I think there is definitely a time, a place and an age limit for the tightest of skinny jeans. I don’t anticipate it really being appropriate to wear my skin tight jeans after perhaps the age of twenty four/five but I certainly won’t be chucking them all in immediately. Skinny jeans (albeit slightly wider) will still have a place in my wardrobe for many years to come.

I have found that the tighter I go, the more casual my look has to become. I wouldn’t dream of wearing anything but trainers with my skinniest jeans simply because boots or brogues would look ridiculous. This however is just my opinion – for others, skin tight could be just the style they need. This is a question that isn’t as black and white as you might imagine, it varies from person to person and whilst the readership of this website has a very definite style, that doesn’t mean it is the same for everyone, we don’t all dress the same.

Skinny jeans have certainly thrown off the stigma of years gone by. As the masses have joined in they have become much more accepted; the feminine connotations are no longer a big problem, we no longer have to go into the women’s section to buy the perfect pair and we can leave the house knowing full well that our slimmer choice of trouser will be free from ridicule.

The onus now is perhaps more on us, the wearers of skinny jeans, rather than on the jeans themselves. We must choose the fit that is the most appropriate for our bodies. As the old saying goes, you can’t polish a turd and if something doesn’t suit you then there isn’t any sense in forcing the issue. Skinny jeans have earned their place in our wardrobes, they are most definitely here to stay and it is up to us to treat them with respect.

Men’s Skinny Jeans Lookbook

So from skin tight to ultra slim, how skinny is too skinny?

Men's Skinny Jeans Lookbook

Current Men’s Skinny Jeans

To help you form your opinions and to perhaps give you some inspiration, here is a selection of current season skinny jeans, ranging from the widest to the tightest.

  • Allsaints Sodium CigaretteAllsaints Sodium Cigarette
  • Allsaints Stamp Cigarette JeansAllsaints Stamp Cigarette Jeans
  • Asos Super Skinny Blue JeanAsos Super Skinny Blue Jean
  • Paul Smith – Jeans 201m-300r Drainpipe Rinse Denim JeansPaul Smith - Jeans 201m-300r Drainpipe Rinse Denim Jeans
  • Cheap Monday Dark Used Broken JeansCheap Monday Dark Used Broken Jeans
  • Asos Super Skinny JeanAsos Super Skinny Jean
  • Nudie Jeans Thin Finn Organic Dry Twill Skinny JeansNudie Jeans Thin Finn Organic Dry Twill Skinny Jeans
  • Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Slim-fit Distressed JeansNudie Jeans Grim Tim Slim-fit Distressed Jeans
  • Uniqlo Men Skinny Fit Tapered JeansUniqlo Men Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans
  • Asos Super Skinny Jeans In GreyAsos Super Skinny Jeans In Grey
  • Neuw Jeans Iggy Skinny Red StretchNeuw Jeans Iggy Skinny Red Stretch
  • Topman Washed Grey Stretch Skinny JeansTopman Washed Grey Stretch Skinny Jeans
  • Uniqlo Men Skinny Fit Tapered JeansUniqlo Men Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans
  • Cheap Monday Tight Favourite JeansCheap Monday Tight Favourite Jeans
  • Natural Selection Smith Skinny Gee Gee JeansNatural Selection Smith Skinny Gee Gee Jeans
  • Dsquared2 Mens Distressed 5 Pocket PantsDsquared2 Mens Distressed 5 Pocket Pants
  • Acne Mens Max Man Ray JeansAcne Mens Max Man Ray Jeans
  • Lanvin Slim-fit Denim JeansLanvin Slim-fit Denim Jeans
Final Word

Regardless of whether they are an accepted part of the modern man’s wardrobe or not, skinny jeans will always divide opinion. Personally, I don’t feel that there is an issue with the jeans themselves but more with the way they are worn and the poor choices some people make.

But now it’s time for your say, I’ve no doubt that a lot of you have a great deal to say with regards to this topic, so let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

  • What do you consider to be skinny jeans?
  • Are you a fan of them?
  • In your opinion, how skinny is too skinny?
  • Is there an age limit for skinny jeans? If yes, why?
  • Would you consider wearing any other fit?

Until next time.