Apparently, it’s going to start getting colder from this week onwards. The Gulf Stream has naffed off once again and it’s time for our winter wardrobes to take centre stage, good and proper. I saw a guy wearing shorts a couple of days ago and I immediately decided he was a bit of a silly Billy, it’s too bloody cold for shorts.

Personally, autumn/winter is my favourite season; obviously the weather is worse, the nights are long and you can’t go for a night out without wearing a coat but you reap huge benefits in the style stakes. You don’t have to worry so much about being too hot (just too cold), you can play around with layers, textures are much softer, clothes much warmer and it also means I can wear my favourite roll neck jumpers – what’s not to love about that?

Alex Woodhall covered thick knit cardigans very recently and it’s about time any of you that don’t already own many hundreds of chunky jumpers and cardigans set about righting that very serious wrong. Before you do so, however, permit me to throw another style into the mixer and broaden your horizons with something of a hybrid; the knitted jacket.

The Knitted Jacket: How To Wear

Matt Allinson has already discussed his reasons this week for considering the shawl collar cardigan an essential item, but what if you wanted something just that little bit more structured, with just a dash more shape and perhaps a touch more formality?

The answer to that is the knitted jacket, one step down from your unstructured blazer and one step up from the relaxed cardigan; it serves all the same purposes whilst being (in my opinion) more flexible.

Knitted Jacket Lookbook

Men's Knitted Jackets Lookbook

Look 1

This look is simply an extension of one that you might already wear on a regular basis. A pair of jeans, chunky boots, a clean white shirt and perhaps even a tie, all covered up with a tweed blazer or sports jacket.

All you have to do is replace the blazer for your knitted jacket and you’re away, the softer lines/construction will immediately create a more casual look and could be a great spring board for those unwilling or nervous about opting for full blazer formality. You could then expand this fresh and youthful look with a pair of bold chinos/cords and switch your footwear between classic brogues or a suede chukka depending on the weather.

If you’re a fan of a tie with this kind of outfit, try to stick with something that has an obvious woven pattern. I would avoid one with a large weave as you might find the textures become to similar, but something with tighter construction (such as the one below) would be a great choice:

  • Topman White Smart Long Sleeve Smart ShirtTopman White Smart Long Sleeve Smart Shirt
  • Reiss Single Breasted Boiled Wool Blazer Dark GreyReiss Single Breasted Boiled Wool Blazer Dark Grey
  • Alexander Olch Plaid Woven-wool TieAlexander Olch Plaid Woven-wool Tie
  • Burberry Brit Steadman Slim-fit JeansBurberry Brit Steadman Slim-fit Jeans
  • Barbour Chocolate Leather Tarras BagBarbour Chocolate Leather Tarras Bag
  • Trickers Acorn Tan Commando Brogue Stow BootsTrickers Acorn Tan Commando Brogue Stow Boots
Look 2

Whether we like it or not, sportswear and the styles it inspires are still on trend. Personally, I’m quite a fan, it mixes comfortable and relaxed ideas with a fashionable edge, allowing you to create some fantastic casual outfits. For the more formal mined amongst us, you just need to look past the base aesthetics of trainers and jersey fabrics.

Had a bit of a heavy weekend? Fancy a revitalising coffee from your favourite place down the road? Don’t want to make too much of an effort but still want to look good? Then refined sportswear or sportswear inspired outfits are your answer. Mix a knitted jacket/coat with a plain tee or polo and you have a simple, easy but sharp upper half. If you wanted to tap into the oversized trend then consider sizing your cardigan up.

Down below, pull on some soft wool trousers and grab some comfortable trainers and you’re away:

  • Topman White Pocket Roll Up Polo ShirtTopman White Pocket Roll Up Polo Shirt
  • Woollen CoatWoollen Coat
  • Missoni Slim-fit Knitted Wool-blend Herringbone TrousersMissoni Slim-fit Knitted Wool-blend Herringbone Trousers
  • New Balance Ml574 TrainersNew Balance Ml574 Trainers
Men’s Knitted Jackets

Finally, wear your knitted jacket with pretty much everything you want. Just like other knitwear, knitted jackets are amazingly versatile; they suit pretty much all situations and can be worn by everyone.

Find one that you really love and you’ll be wearing it at every opportunity:

  • Topman Blue Textured Stitch BlazerTopman Blue Textured Stitch Blazer
  • Reiss Park Single Breasted Boiled Wool Blazer Mouse GreyReiss Park Single Breasted Boiled Wool Blazer Mouse Grey
  • Reiss Ruth Felty Zip Through Varsity Top NavyReiss Ruth Felty Zip Through Varsity Top Navy
  • Anerkjendt Cary 8412923 Caviar JacketAnerkjendt Cary 8412923 Caviar Jacket
  • Topman Charcoal Knitted BlazerTopman Charcoal Knitted Blazer
  • Anerkjendt Camel 8412921 Castlerock JacketAnerkjendt Camel 8412921 Castlerock Jacket
  • Merino Wool Elbow-patch Sweater JacketMerino Wool Elbow-patch Sweater Jacket
  • Nigel Hall Williams Knit Baseball Jacket GreyNigel Hall Williams Knit Baseball Jacket Grey
  • Heritage Shawl Collar Knit JacketHeritage Shawl Collar Knit Jacket
  • Cigar. Knit BlazerCigar. Knit Blazer
  • Folk Blue Grey Stripe Wool JacketFolk Blue Grey Stripe Wool Jacket
  • Rag & Bone Knitted Alps Jacket 134228Rag & Bone Knitted Alps Jacket 134228
  • Selected Knit BlazerSelected Knit Blazer
  • Missoni Unstructured Textured-knit Wool BlazerMissoni Unstructured Textured-knit Wool Blazer
  • Hartford Knitted Wool BlazerHartford Knitted Wool Blazer
Final Word

You’ve been a bit bombarded by knitwear articles recently, but that just highlights its importance. To my mind, and bar your winter coat, thick knitwear is THE most important part of your wardrobe. You could probably scrape by on one pair of boots and a couple of pairs of jeans but knitwear will be huge part of almost all your autumn/winter outfits.

So whether you invest in a simple thick knit, a shawl collar cardigan or one of the above knitted jackets, make sure you’re all prepared.

As always I want to hear what you think. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.