Man, I Feel Like A Woman

As the somewhat cheesy name of the article suggests (yes, it’s a Shania Twain song), it would be safe to say most men out there are prone to reaching for the concealer in acne ridden times. Still not openly talked about in the same way women do, men’s grooming rituals are usually kept to the secret confides of a grooming bag or hidden in a bathroom cabinet where no one can see them.

However, this secrecy has not stopped the industry noticing the shift, with an increasing number of typically ‘female products’ now available for us guys. Here is the run down on the best:

The Body Moisturiser

Firstly, a good body moisturiser is an essential yet some can smell like a florist on the day of a wedding – we still want to smell like a man.

Palmer’s coco butter has recently re-formulated there classic women’s formula into a specifically male product. The scent is more masculine and another benefit is that it also suitable to slap on your chops. This makes it a perfect all-rounder and great for the gym bag, as it can double up as your face and body moisturiser. What’s more, the masculine branding won’t attract wayward embarrassing glances in the changing room.

£3.97 for 250 ml, available at Boots.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula MEN Body & Face Lotion 250ml

The BB Balm

Something a little more adventurous is a male BB balm. Taking the women’s cosmetic market by storm (there is now one produced from almost every cosmetic brand), a bb balm is essentially a hard working all-rounder that as well as treating the skins moisture level, correcting tone and combating wrinkles, also instantly improves the look of skin – due to it being tinted.

Unlike classic tinted moisturisers, the Lab Series bb tinted moisturiser is a one fits all formula and adjusts to suit any skin tone. The great thing about a BB balm is that although it covers over any imperfections, it will never look like the wearer is wearing make-up (just apply sparingly like a normal moisturiser).

Not only does it help tone and texture (both instantly and long term) it also contains SPF 35 to protect against sun exposure and premature ageing. Lab Series’ BB tinted moisturiser is a true all-rounder and was definitely worth adapting for the male market.

£32 for 50ml, available at Mankind.

lab series BB moisturiser

The Concealer

Now there is no shame in having a late night on a weekday, but some may argue that turning up to the office looking worse than Pete Doherty after a week-long bender is something to be ashamed of (we would be inclined to). Well, we’re not ones to stop having weekday fun, so when we can’t fight off the dreaded hangover in a comfy bed, there is a product that will solve all our complexion problems.

YSL’s Touche éclat is a cult product that has helped women fight off the look of fatigue for many years. It is an easy to apply under eye brightener, which covers over the late night sin with an altogether more rested look of an early night. It doubles as a spot concealer too.

Applied with the brush that comes with the unit, it’s a discreet traveller that can be thrown in the work bag should a top up be required.

One key tip would be to utilise a less is more approach – as no one wants to look like a reverse panda.

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YSL’s Touch éclat

So there we have it, a hopefully not too scary look into male grooming and some grooming exports from the world of women’s cosmetics. I will leave you with this advice: Use carefully and sparingly and no one will be any the wiser to your grooming bag secrets.