‘Men’s Mondays’ – Hair By Daniel Galvin

The monthly haircut… how do you get yours? Lunch hour quickie? Saturday morning bore, waiting in a queue longer than a hipsters quiff? Well that’s all about to change with the arrival of ‘Men’s Mondays’ at HAIR BY DANIEL GALVIN. The salon, located in the exclusive Corinthia hotel, offers a perfect opportunity to get expertly quaffed for the week ahead, all washed down with a complimentary G&T.

Let’s face it, sitting in the salon chair making small talk is not always fun but the welcome addition of a Gin and Tonic and the grand soundings of one of London’s most exclusive hotels makes the chore more than bearable.

All too often a consultation ends in the client agreeing to absolutely anything – mohawk anyone? Why is it we all inexplicably agree to exactly the opposite of the style we desired? Not at Daniel Galvin – an in-depth consultation ensures the client leaves with a cut that was desired, with a little extra expert advice. On our visit our stylist was most knowledgeable and gave us a welcome commentary of what he was doing and why as well as some great styling tips.

At a surprisingly low cost of £30 this Monday special is a no brainer. Happy Mondays are truly just a cut away.

Men’s Mondays is available at Daniel Galvin at the Corinthia Hotel, to book an appointment call: 020 7321 3060.

‘Men’s Mondays’ – Hair By Daniel Galvin:

‘Men’s Mondays’ Hair By Daniel Galvin

‘Men’s Mondays’ Hair By Daniel Galvin

‘Men’s Mondays’ Hair By Daniel Galvin