Mulberry Cufflink Range

There is a sartorial art form that has become one of the least appreciated finishing touches of a man’s suit. The humble cufflink can make, and most certainly break, an outfit, no matter how expensive or well tailored. Even their name is heinously practical and understated. Yet this is the key to a good pair and is the basis from which Mulberry have worked to create their new collection.

This new collection is rather large, so we will focus on three main pieces. All of the items featured are of the utmost quality and are fastened with a thick ‘T-Bar Closing’ – giving them a strong, masculine feel. While Mulberry is far more synonymous with handbags than cufflinks, these are unsung heroes in a world steeped with Lego bricks and diamanté skulls, so toss away those stocking fillers and invest in Mulberry.

Dome Rivet:

Probably the most simplistic design featured, the smooth domed face of the cufflink is embossed with a stylish and simple ‘Mulberry Tree’ logo as a clue to their source. They are offered in a gunmetal colouring or silver and are perfect to pair with a vertically striped shirt.

However, a word of warning, beware of the gunmetal clashing with too bold a shirt choice:

Dome Rivet Cufflinks

Button Screw:

Bold enough to be noticed on their own, yet understatedly elegant, these cufflinks draw on Tiffany’s penchant for labelling their products with an address and a plea to be returned! While this piece doesn’t go that far, the bold tree logo and ‘Mulberry’ printed above and below – separated by a screw on either side – make them the standout piece of the collection.

They again come in gunmetal or silver, but for such a design we can only recommend the classic silver – versatile enough to pair with almost any outfit, they must not be overshadowed by strongly patterned or coloured shirts:

Button Screw Cufflinks

Oval Thin Line:

While plain metal has been the focus so far, a dash of colour can often be vital in creating a great cufflink. Therefore, while retaining their subtle elegance, these silver oval cufflinks sport a fine enamel border in black, sky blue or pink. They also again feature a simple, embossed tree logo.

Smaller cufflinks such as these are perfect for those who prefer the tighter look of a slim/skinny tie and a narrower shirt collar and lapels. However, be wary of the need to colour match, as these can’t just be thrown on with just any suit in a morning rush. The black enamel is of course the most versatile, but the blue or pink would be excellent to highlight the patterns in a shirt, tie or even a pocket-handkerchief.

Oval Thin Line Cufflinks

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