Custom Suiting

At FashionBeans we have always stressed the importance of good fit – it will literally make or break an outfit and is the fine line between looking like a fashion beginner or a stylish male. Therefore, custom clothing should be considered the Holy Grail of menswear. Owning and wearing a piece of clothing that was created personally for you – your body type, your measurements and your preferences – instantly ensures that your whole outfit is unique and one of a kind.

The confidence boost of wearing something that was made specifically for you cannot be described. You know internally that the clothing you are wearing fits perfectly and looks great, and this will subconsciously permeate into your whole attitude and demeanour. It is the reason we push you to get your ‘off the rack’ high street clothing tailored – it will take any piece to the next level and even make it look more expensive.

The custom suit is the pinnacle for any man who has an interest in fashion. I challenge you to find a more manly or classic piece of clothing; it is your armour that you put on when you need to look and feel powerful, whether this be at work or at formal events when you want all eyes on you. However, before recently, custom suit services have not been accessible to the everyday male.

Custom suits are traditionally known for being expensive, while you also have to ensure that the tailor you are visiting is of a high quality and can deliver exactly what you require. With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to Knot Standard, a company that have solved these problems once and for all.

Knot Standard

Knot Standard are a global outfit, based in New York, who are committed to creating high quality bespoke men’s suits. The owners, Matt Mueller and John Ballay, started the company in 2010 in response to the demand for reasonably priced custom clothing for those men who take their appearance and personal style seriously.

Their ethos is simple: to instill pride in their customers by giving them the freedom to create something that is unique, custom, and impeccably made:

How To Submit Your Measurements

The ease of the ordering process is make or break for any company looking to sell custom clothing online. It should allow you to pick all your options quickly and easily, whilst also helping you to get your measurements spot on. I went through the whole process at, and here is my personal review:

Step 1. Pick Your Suit & Options

Perhaps the best part of the whole process is selecting and refining your chosen suit. Currently on site they have 32 suit styles, all made from high quality Italian fabrics, with everything from summer appropriate linen suits to a three piece tux to the timeless navy/black/grey options. Prices range from $495 to $795 (approx £300 to £500), which puts these custom suits in the same price bracket as your typical Reiss two piece.

Once you have selected your suit style, you can then customise the whole look and feel of it. And when I say whole, I mean it. Everything is in play, including the cut, lapel style, highlight/contrasting thread, jacket lining, number of vents, pleats and even personalised embroidery or mobile pockets. In addition, if there is a particular customisation that isn’t currently on their site, they say they’ll create it on request.

Take a look at some of Knot Standard’s suit styles that we think all men should have in their wardrobe:

  • The Classic Linen SuitThe Classic Linen Suit
  • The Classic Navy SuitThe Classic Navy Suit
  • The K Grey Prince Of Wales SuitThe K Grey Prince Of Wales Suit
  • The K Raven Black SuitThe K Raven Black Suit
  • The Classic Khaki SuitThe Classic Khaki Suit
  • The Classic Cobalt Blue SuitThe Classic Cobalt Blue Suit
  • The K Summer Grey SuitThe K Summer Grey Suit
  • The Classic Coffee SuitThe Classic Coffee Suit
  • The K Midnight Pinstripe SuitThe K Midnight Pinstripe Suit
Step 2. Submitting Your Measurements

How To Submit Your Measurements

This is the most important part of the whole process. The appeal behind any form of custom clothing is that is should be sculpted to your body – this means your correct measurements are imperative. Even though you are in complete control of this, Knot Standard make it extremely easy to get right. There are three main ways to get your correct measurements:

Option 1: Measure With A Friend

Described as the easiest and most accurate method, it involves getting your friend, family or partner to assist you with your measurements. All you need is a measuring tape and the Knot Standard website loaded.

Click get started and you will be taken through the complete process there and then on the website. Each step provides videos and detailed instructions in order to help get your perfect measurements, and due to the fact that you take overlapping measurements, the company states that is is almost impossible to get wrong!

Key Features:

  • Only takes about 10 minutes
  • Easy-to-use instructions and videos
  • Each measurement is checked by their master tailors
  • Overlapping measurements virtually eliminate any chance of errors

Tips: Wear your favorite dress shirt and trousers, not heavy clothes like sweaters or baggy trousers. Be sure not to add any “padding” to your measurements – their tailors will take care of that for you.

If you don’t have a tape, the company will send a professional tailor’s measuring tape to your door for free.

Option 2: Measured By A Tailor

The second option is to get professional measurements done by a local tailor. This obviously takes away the ease of doing everything from home, but you are pretty much guaranteed to get your correct measurements. All you need to do this time is print out the Knot Standard measurements form and get your tailor to fill it in for you. Most tailors will also perform this service for you for free.

Should you not be familiar with a tailor in your area, they will also help you find one – they have a network of approved tailors in major cities across the Globe. Each of the approved KnotStandard tailors will not charge you for this service.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use form with photos and instructions
  • Simply type your written measurements into the system
  • Each measurement is checked by their master tailors
  • Overlapping measurements virtually eliminate any chance of errors
Option 3: Using An Existing Suit

The third and final option for providing your measurements is to send Knot Standard an existing suit jacket and pair of trousers that already fits you perfectly. In my eyes this should only really be done with an existing custom made suit, otherwise it defeats the whole point of having a hand made suit created for you.

Their master tailors will take all the measurements they need off your existing pieces, and will even incorporate features or detailing you are particularly fond of.

Key Features:

  • No measuring required – your measurements will be built directly from your suit & trousers
  • They can also copy any existing suit style or detail
  • All shipping costs are covered by the company

Tips: Suit jackets and wool trousers are preferred. Casual clothes like chinos should be avoided, as they have a looser, more casual cut.

I personally went through the whole process of taking my own measurements with my girlfriend, and the videos and instructions made it an absolute breeze. I now know all my correct measurements for future reference, and just in case you were scared that you can still get it wrong, the company actually cross checks your measurements against years of aggregated data to spot any erroneous measurements.

Step 3. Payment, Delivery & Guarantee

The next step is to input all your measurements and pay for your suit. Although priced in dollars, delivery is available worldwide, and you should have your suit withing 3-4 weeks, no matter where you live.

Of course, with anything custom where you have been put in charge of part of the process, there is always that lingering doubt that the suit will not be what you are looking for or your measurements weren’t quite right. However, Knot Standard offer a superb guarantee to take the risk out of the whole process. They state that if you are not 100% happy with your first suit order, they will refund it, no questions asked.

They are that confident in the quality, feel and individuality of their custom suits. They even store your measurements and create a digital model for all future orders.


Knot Standard are providing a service that used to be outside of the normal realm of the everyday male. Custom suiting is no longer restricted to those with the time, money or resources, this superb new system helps create a truly unique suit for you in under half an hour from start to finish.

It is time to step up your tailoring game. If you are one of those guys who was wondering how you could progress or take your personal style to the next level, this is it. Not only will it be a joy to put on your suit every single day, but it is an effortless way for you to stand out against your colleagues, and every other guy on the street in an off the peg version.

Not only that, remember any suit can be split into separates that can be worn individually. Opt for a timeless navy, grey or black version and suddenly your smart-casual wardrobe gets an upgrade too.

Take the plunge, I guarantee that when you experience custom made for the first time, you will never be able to go back.