Ewan McGregor could well be described as one of Britain’s finer exports. Best known for his roles in Star Wars and Trainspotting, the Scottish actor has established himself as one of Hollywood’s leading men. The last 18 months have been a testament to our icon’s 19-year career, with three high-profile releases and two more in the pipeline.

With a gravitas that does nothing but attract success, McGregor’s acting career is reaching veteran status – unlike his style calling, which is only now taking centre stage.

At 41, McGregor is currently enjoying his sartorial pomp, with widespread recognition for his exploits on both the red carpet and at Cannes. Somewhat of a modern maker of stylish men, it would seem that McGregor can do no wrong when it comes to his choice of attire.

Ewan McGregor Style Breakdown

McGregor’s style is, at its core, very masculine; the lookbook below does a great job of demonstrating this. McGregor, on the whole, sticks to a dark, neutral colour palette and infuses elements of his personality into his style; something we can all look to replicate:

Ewan McGregor Style & Fashion Lookbook

Biker influences

The most prevalent of his style influences comes from McGregor’s known motorbike penchant. Biker-style boots form a central part of his look, regularly snapped in them when off duty – and occasionally when he’s on. McGregor recently took to pairing his boots with a tux in Cannes; something that worked surprisingly well for him.

When the boots aren’t on the red carpet, they’re often seen alongside some well-fitting indigo denim with a turn up or two also in play. This combination is the cornerstone of our man-in-question’s casual style and not only in keeps with the dark masculine tone, but accentuates it.

The biker influence don’t stop with the boots. Leathers also play a predominant part in McGregor’s attire. Whether it’s in the form of a jacket, coat or trousers, Ewan has worked leather into his looks on numerous occasions and to various effects. Often utilised to add an edgier, more daring, appeal; leather sets McGregor apart on the red carpet, especially when in tandem with another signature – the lightweight scarf.

A lightweight scarf creates a clean contrast to our icon’s look, setting off the masculine biker styling with a more flamboyant, almost rock ’n’ roll, influenced contrast. See our full take on the lightweight scarf for some ‘how to’ styling ideas.

  • Carven Contrast-sleeve Leather Bomber JacketCarven Contrast-sleeve Leather Bomber Jacket
  • Allsaints Caldwell JacketAllsaints Caldwell Jacket
  • Reiss Orpwood Leather Bomber Jacket BlackReiss Orpwood Leather Bomber Jacket Black
  • Jack & Jones Ole ScarfJack & Jones Ole Scarf
  • Allsaints Teshio ScarfAllsaints Teshio Scarf
  • Paul Smith – Accessories 844a-s264 Sky ScarfPaul Smith - Accessories 844a-s264 Sky Scarf
  • Belstaff Chocolate Leather Townmaster 55 BootsBelstaff Chocolate Leather Townmaster 55 Boots
  • Jack & Jones Intelligence Groucho Leather BootsJack & Jones Intelligence Groucho Leather Boots
  • Topman Hudson Black Bekker Zip BootsTopman Hudson Black Bekker Zip Boots
Red Carpet Tailoring

Mr McGregor’s red carpet attire has been arguably faultless in recent times.

Expletive-laced outbursts aside, his turn out in Cannes was impeccable. Firstly with a navy suit, white shoes and geometric tie, and secondly with a classic black tux, white shirt and black tie unorthodoxy paired with the aforementioned biker-style boots.

McGregor has also been unafraid to don separates on the coveted carpet (something that is all too often avoided.) The most impressive thing about this man’s tailoring is not necessarily his style, but the fit and cut of which he wears. While we’re sure some would appreciate more cuff on show, McGregor demonstrates – on every occasion – just how long suit trousers should be, how the suit should sit on the shoulders and how much the jacket should taper at the waist.

All in all, McGregor has refined his red carpet style over the years and avoids any suiting mishaps, ensuring the fit is always spot on.

  • Asos Skinny Suit In BlackAsos Skinny Suit In Black
  • Reiss Promenade B Two Button Notch Lapel Jacket InkReiss Promenade B Two Button Notch Lapel Jacket Ink
  • Paul Smith London The Byard Two-button Wool SuitPaul Smith London The Byard Two-button Wool Suit
Ewan McGregor Style: Haywire Premiere


Ewan McGregor provides an astute example of how to perfect a masculine, stripped down look. He is a leading illustration for anyone in their thirties or forties looking for inspiration on refining or reinventing their sartorial outlook.

He’s also shows the shining standard of how to incorporate your own personality into your wardrobe and how important it is in establishing a personal style.