Merkur Futur Razor (Brushed Steel)

With more and more men ditching the electric shaver, and favouring the traditional wet shave method of shaving, it’s easy to see why – it offers you the ability to shave closer than ever before, resulting in an even smoother finish.

However, in order to obtain these results and feel the full benefit of a close shave, you must first be are armed with the right tools for the job. This is where German company Merkur come into their own, as the brand has a reputation for producing safety razors of the highest quality.

Their signature ‘Futur’ razor is one of the stars of the range, possessing the patented 6-settings fine adjustment Merkur Futur System for optimum shaving closeness, which allows you to tailor your shave to suit your differing day-to-day needs and facial hair requirements. Whether you opt for a gentler shave (less blade is exposed so is more suited for normal to sensitive skin) on setting ‘1’ or opt for the more tailored and closer shave of setting ‘6’ (more blade exposed), this safety razor will provide the perfect shave each and every time.

Coming in a brushed steel or chrome finish, the Futur is both stylish and practical. Retailing at just &49.99, it is also a fraction of the cost of premium electric versions on the market at present. The Merkur Futur Razor is guaranteed to last a lifetime and comes complete with a Merkur blade (replacements can be bought separately).

To get your hands on one and treat your face to the closest shave of your life, head over to Niven & Joshua now to shop the range.

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Merkur – Futur Razor (Brushed Steel)

Merkur - Futur Razor (Brushed Steel)