First UK Store Opening For Mr. Hare

Well-shod gentleman everywhere should be skipping with anticipation at the impeding opening of the first UK flagship store by luxury cobbler Mr. Hare, on London’s exclusive Stafford Street.

Situated on the quiet Mayfair lane sandwiched in between Old Bond Street and Dover Street, the store will sit at a focal point of the capital’s most illustrious and fashionable enclave.

Whilst sampling the local fare at a tapas restaurant on a trip through Andalusia in 2008, London-born Marc Hare found himself admiring the handcrafted elegance of the traditional woven shoes of the elderly Iberian gentleman at the next table. In the process of pondering over alterations he wished to make to give the shoes a contemporary edge, Mr. Hare, the brand, was established.

Citing his label as “one man’s selfish pursuit of great shoes”, all Mr. Hare’s natty-cool designs are hand-fashioned from premium materials by skilled Tuscan cordwainers.

With a solid reputation for reinventing dapper classic footwear styles in unconventional hues, the brand has gained a steadfast following amongst industry style leaders and high-profile figures, with its designs stocked by the prestigious Dover Street Market, Paris’ Colette and leading online luxury retailer, Mr. Porter.

The Stafford Street store, scheduled to open on the 14th of September, will boast 400 sq ft of retail space, housing the AW12 collection as well as limited edition designs exclusive to the flagship.

Soon to become the go-to destination of well-heeled urban dwellers, we can’t wait for the doors to open to catch a whiff of that tantalisingly soft leather…

The Mr. Hare Flagship Store is scheduled to open on 14th September at 8, Stafford Street, London, W1.

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