Mr Hare: The Genet Loafer

Jean Genet. Not only a French literary icon and the mind and soul behind the eloquently named novel, ‘Notre Dame des Fleurs’, but also the inspiration behind ‘The Genet'; the first ever loafer produced by the self-described ‘black shoe company’, Mr Hare.

Mr Hare is a relatively new English brand which was formed in 2008 and takes inspiration from various European countries like France and Italy, whilst adding a few unique tweaks which enables it to stand out from competitors in the luxury footwear market. Their recent collection – which ‘The Genet’ is part of – is entitled ‘idolescent’.

‘The Genet’ may be French at heart, but just like the rest of the footwear that is released by Mr Hare, this product is handmade in Empoli, Italy. A rather uncommon combination between two contrasting cultures but one that works to radiate elegance from the feet of the modern gentlemen who plan to exhibit them. This wonderful piece of footwear features a suede top section and high quality leather exterior, ensuring a luxury feel and aesthetic. The six tassels on top are made of a soft velvet, and are angled to finish off a product that could be defined as a work of art.

Every man should possess at least one quality pair of loafers in their shoe collection and by purchasing this item, onlookers will certainly judge you as a man of power. Distinct in quality and looks, ‘The Genet’ is perfect for every night out imaginable – whether you are going out for a good old fashioned wine and dine or even a nice trip to a French cabaret club, these shoes will serve you well.

This item can be perfectly paired with a velvet blazer and a bow tie and many brave souls may opt to go sock less.

A highly recommended item for the outgoing, confident male. Merci beau-coup Monsieur Genet and Mr Hare for making a true timeless classic.

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Mr Hare – The Genet:

Mr Hare - The Genet

Mr Hare - The Genet