Mr Porter Launches Tthe ‘Tux App’

Tis the season to be jolly… and with Mr Porter’s new ‘tux app’ for the iPad, this can be done in faultless style.

It is inevitable that during the festive season we are going to be faced with a barrage of RSVPs to parties, gatherings and the inevitable work ‘do’ – and with a daunting month of late night shopping, pine needles and icy footpaths upon us, our dear friends over at Mr Porter have been working hard to ensure we stay on top of our tux game.

This free app reveals everything you need to know about evening wear. It not only allows you to visually piece together the perfect party outfit using their superb range of brands, but you can even brush up your party etiquette so you look and act like a real gentleman.

Every Christmas list will be short of a clip on bow tie this year; this easy to navigate app takes you through a six step tutorial for those men who shiver at the thought of an untied bow tie. With your confidence oozing after the accomplishment of your first crisp knot, the app then provides you with the skills to conjure up late night festive cocktails. If this fails to impress, Ms. Daisy Lowe is on hand to give you some expert advice on touching up your one liners.

However, this is not just a sartorial savvy tool to help you prepare for the endless festive black tie events. This app takes a wonderful trip down memory lane and proposes Mr Porter’s very own past and present tuxedo wearing style icons – impeccable timing from Daniel Craig may I add.

Hats off to the Mr Porter team, this is a must have for any modern gent if you’re looking to survive the following festive months.

You can download the Tux iPad App for FREE now at the iTunes store.

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Mr Porter Launches the “Tux app”

Mr Porter Launches the “Tux app

Mr Porter Launches the “Tux app

Mr Porter Launches the “Tux app