Mulberry Scotchgrain Clipper Bag

With the hope of a not-so-typically-wet British summer quickly dwindling, last minute getaways seem all the more appealing in a hope to catch at least a few days worth of genuine summer sun. Amidst the frantic last minute packing and passport searching, it can be all too easy to underestimate what audacious luggage you’ll be dragging around with you when you inevitably hear your flight has been delayed.

Enter Mulberry’s Scotchgrain Clipper. With its understated yet distinctly non-generic design, twinned with its leather and canvas trimming and detailing, the bag makes the perfect companion on any trip.

With three sizes to choose from, and playful yet masculine colour options (Black-Cognac or Mole-Cognac), the bag remains relaxed and deliberately non business like, without compromising its (and probably its owner’s) efforts to make sure that everybody at gate 12 knows the holdall wasn’t dragged out of the attic at the last minute.

The flexibility of a detachable strap makes comfortable travel a little easier, so whether you’re an over the shoulder kind of guy or not, there are no limitations. Combine this with the metal feet to stop any unwanted contact with surfaces, and you get an all-round perfect travel partner.

Being a Mulberry of course means that the bag naturally has to have the slightest of an ego, manifesting itself in this case as an internal Mulberry Tree lining – just in case you forget that this is indeed a luxury item, despite the grounded facade.

Overall the Scotchgrain Clipper is wonderful, simplistic piece of luggage, whether it’s solely used as a carry-on, or just for a short break. With timeless colouring and gentle decoration, it serves as an all-purpose staple piece of travel attire, as well as a wonderful accessory for any casual occasion. And, of course, it’s a Mulberry, so you have to, right?

Available now over at both Mr.Porter and Selfridges.

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Mulberry Scotchgrain Clipper Bag:

Mulberry Scotchgrain Clipper Bag

Mulberry Scotchgrain Clipper Bag