A Valentine’s Day Treat

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, luxury Womens Underwear specialist Myla got in touch to showcase their new range that has been specifically designed for the ‘Day of Love’. After seeing the photos below, you could say the campaign shots caused quite a stir with the men here in the office, as I don’t think we have seen a sexier collection of fashion underwear for a long time.

For a lot of men, Valentine’s Day is probably a bit of a chore. There is no denying that it seems to be a public holiday specifically designed for women, which means we can become neglectful or not put enough thought and consideration into our partners gift buying. I am sure more than one of you reading this has bought some garage flowers on the way home from work or chocolates from your local supermarket at the last minute. (By the way, they can ALWAYS tell.)

So this year, why not make it more special, more romantic – and even more desirable for yourself? The day doesn’t have to just be about the women guys. Myla’s latest underwear range could be just what you need in order to transform your Valentine’s Day night into something special. Their new line of underwear is as sexy and desirable for women (who will appreciate the quality, supreme fit and fashion influence), as it is for men (who will enjoy their partner in it and generally want it to come off as quickly as it was put on!)

Myla Valentine’s Range

Following on from strong directional shapes introduced in autumn, Valentines this year at Myla is all about fashion-forward shapes, and bold colours – notice the prominent fashion influence.

Below are some of the key pieces from their range, who they are most suited for and what styles they are available in. Believe me guys, any of these would be a gift for you as much as they would be her.

Classic Myla

The classic Myla range of underwear is designed to make each day feel that little bit more special. These are sexy and feminine pieces that are also suitable for everyday wear. If your partner is slightly more reserved and feminine, then these could be the styles for you.

This range of underwear will not be too much of a shift from her ‘norm’ – but also high quality and sexy enough that she will feel special every single time she wears them.

Shop the Myla classic collection…

Myla Classic Collection - Women's Underwear

Myla Boudoir

The Myla Boudoir collection is slightly ‘naughtier’ than the classic collection above and are designed for special occasions or when you want to spice up an evening with your partner. Specifically for those women that are a bit more outgoing; these styles are more provocative, without compromising on the quality, style or fit of the underwear.

Shop the Myla boudoir collection…

Myla Classic Collection - Women's Underwear

So there you have it guys, the perfect gift this Valentine’s. Instead of brushing it off as ‘just another day’ this year, why not make it even more special for both of you? Staying in is the new going out after all!

Available with UK next day delivery, you can order all the way up to 12noon on the 13th February for delivery on Valentine’s 2012.