As we say goodbye to 2011, many of us will of course be making resolutions to welcome in the new year with. That, and a kiss and a stiff drink.

However, we all know that the big problem with all these resolutions is that they rarely stick. So this year consider making a resolution that will stand the test of time and adopt one, or more, of these style resolutions that will be your instant improver.

1. Lose Some Wallet Weight

The wallet can often be disregarded when it comes to updating a wardrobe. The new year is a prime time to refresh or replace. If your wallet is in good nick but suffering from overload – clear it out; remove all those old receipts, business and coffee cards and keep only the essentials.

If your wallet looks like it’s is on its last legs, it’s time to replace. Ditch your battered leather billfold in favour of a slicker, slimmer and fresher version. There are three solid options when it comes to changing your wallet, or adding to your collection.

The Cardholder

We kick off our cardinal rule of coins with the cardholder (try saying that at midnight). This is perfect for retaining slim lines in your outfit when the wallet is stored in a pocket. With enough room to carry a number of cards and notes this piece is the go to for many a modern male.

  • Topman Tan Store Card HolderTopman Tan Store Card Holder
  • Allsaints Draft CardholderAllsaints Draft Cardholder
  • Paul Smith Shoes & Accessories Leather Card HolderPaul Smith Shoes & Accessories Leather Card Holder
Coin Case

If coins are more your thing, a coin case has been winning fans over for the last year in particular and is definitely worth some consideration. The coin case won’t however remove those misplaced bulges when carried on your person. Nevertheless it shouldn’t be discounted, as it can be easily stored in your holdall or tote.

  • Topman Tan Leather Popper Coin PurseTopman Tan Leather Popper Coin Purse
  • Sandqvist Leather WalletSandqvist Leather Wallet
  • Comme Des GarÇons Wallets Red Small Coin Cash WalletComme Des GarÇons Wallets Red Small Coin Cash Wallet

The third option in our rundown is of course the more conventional billfold wallet that we are all accustomed too. Combining the jobs of the cardholder and coin case the billfold is the go to men’s wallet and shouldn’t be tossed aside so easily (unless it is as tattered as earlier regarded). Our Assistant Editor Luke lives by the ethos that a good wallet makes departing with notes an all the more pleasant experience.

  • Wincer & Plant Leather Billfold WalletWincer & Plant Leather Billfold Wallet
  • Mulberry Leather Billfold WalletMulberry Leather Billfold Wallet
  • Gucci Rubber Oyster WalletGucci Rubber Oyster Wallet
2. Make the Small Changes

One of the most popular new year’s revolutions often involves going to the gym or improving your image. There are however a few very easy ways to give your look an instant lift and most of them do not involve breaking the bank. Of course, we’re not discouraging active exercise – as the team over on FitnessBeans will tell you, your health is just as important to maintain as your wardrobe!


We stand at attention for our first improver. By maintaining a good posture you immediately look better and come across with far more confidence; there is little more off-putting when making a first impression (or a second) than someone with an inattentive slouch. For the total run down on improving your posture visit Will’s article on the subject.

Footwear TLC

Number two is to get to grips with footwear care. It’s well documented that shoes are the most important part of any outfit. They are what are judged first as men and women both look at your feet automatically in order to avoid immediate eye contact.

It doesn’t matter how great or expensive your monk straps were if the leather is dirtied or slightly scuffed. Taking good care of your footwear improves their longevity and can save you a fair amount of money; something you could contribute towards a gym membership or new wallet.

Learn how to polish and care for your shoes with our resident shoe shining sensei Mr Colman who has put together a great go to guide for footwear care.

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Learn the Rules

The third quick and relatively inexpensive way to instantaneously improve your image is probably the most obvious but often overlooked. Sticking to the age-old style rules.

Things like leaving the bottom button of your blazer undone, co-ordinating your leathers or tying a tie correctly can occasionally be overlooked when in a hurry – but if you get the basics right the rest will follow.

3. Start a Relationship with Your Tailor

For many, a new years’ resolution involves meeting new people or starting relationships. A good tailor will be one of the most beneficial relationships, sartorially speaking, you will ever make.

A tailor is essential to nailing the perfect fit. By having sleeves shortened, torsos tightened and cuffs corrected, your garments will immediately look more expensive and improve their overall hang dramatically. Also, try not to restrict your tailoring solely to formal wear; your coats, casual shirts and trousers may need a bit of love too.

If you’re new to tailoring in general, or in search of a new tailor, start off by getting something relatively inexpensive tailored; don’t jump straight in with a brand new designer suit. A good way to test out a tailor is by having a shirt taken in or a casual blazer altered to fit that little bit better.

If you’re unsure on how to explain what you want altered don’t panic as a good tailor will deal with all manner of requests and will most likely get the jist of what you are trying to explain. If you are still struggling, then make sure you ask the community in the FashionBeans forums – there are some guys on their who are truly seasoned veterans.

On top of that, a tailor is in the business of making you look good and so will not make alterations that won’t in any way flatter you.

What to get Tailored
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  • Woolrich Blue Check ShirtWoolrich Blue Check Shirt
  • Ps By Paul Smith Slim Fit Cotton ChinosPs By Paul Smith Slim Fit Cotton Chinos
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  • Band Of Outsiders 3-button Corduroy Double-breasted BlazerBand Of Outsiders 3-button Corduroy Double-breasted Blazer
  • Burberry Brit Taupe Check Lined Britton Packable Trench CoatBurberry Brit Taupe Check Lined Britton Packable Trench Coat

There we have it, three easily manageable new year’s resolutions to give your style a refresh. Now we want to hear your wardrobe declarations!

  • Have you made your new year’s resolution for 2012?
  • If so, what are you vowing to do?
  • Will you be adopting any of the three above?

As per usual let us know in the comments below and welcome to 2012, the year of the sartorially fluent.