The NIKEiD x Blazer Mid

For many of you, this is one iconic trainer silhouette that simply needs no introduction. But for those of you who aren’t familiar with the popular Nike Blazer style, it first made its mark on the basketball court back in 1973 due to its simplicity, large recognisable Nike Swoosh and broad range of vibrant colours. Over the decades the silhouette has been updated numerous times, with a plethora of vintage styles, limited editions and designer collaboration being added to the extensive archive.

Over the past few years, the Blazer has been informally adopted by the men’s fashion industry and can now be seen on everyone from Britain’s best dressed men to casual fashion enthusiasts – such is their widespread appeal. With a sleeker and more sophisticated silhouette than your typical chunky hi-top trainers, they provide superb versatility and can be paired with everything from shorts to denim to chinos effortlessly.

Already coming in a range of materials, colours and detailing you would of thought Nike would be content with their offering. After all, they are one of the most popular styles of trainers seen on high streets all over the world, and there is surely a style of Nike Blazer suitable for even the most specific of tastes. However, today we are pleased to inform you that for 2012 Nike are once again looking to push the boundaries of men’s fashion trainers by adding the silhouette to the NIKEiD customisation sector.

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Customising Your Nike Blazer Mid

Here at FashionBeans we have always loved the appeal of NIKEiD – where else can you create a truly custom design which fits your personality and wardrobe down to a ‘t’? You can create a one of a kind piece that no-one else will own, for a price that is only just above traditional models.

Inspiration Board

With more than 25 million possible customisation options available on your new NIKEiD x Blazer, it is understandable that amount of choice can seem daunting to many (us included). However, Nike have already come up with a solution to the problem by including an inspiration section on the website – allowing you to check out some existing designs in order to help get your creative juices flowing:

NIKEiD x Blazer Mid Inspiration Board

Custom Options

Nearly every individual detail can be customised in the process, but here are the key sections you can manipulate:

  • Adding a Zipper: You can add a side zipper for easy on/off action. Whether you want it to stand out or blend subtly into the design, Nike has got you covered. The zipper is available in a range of colours so that it can make as much of a statement as you would like.
  • Add a Toe Cap: Not only does this add yet another piece of detailing to your trainers, but as an added bonus it will improve durability, therefore making your beloved trainers last longer.
  • Custom Laces: There are two lace options for this style; original flat laces and leather laces. The 4mm thick leather laces will dress your trainers up, producing a more refined aesthetic, whereas the 11mm wide classic laces will give your trainers that retro, old school appeal.
  • Swoosh Branding: You are given the option of whether to keep the iconic Nike ‘swoosh’ – featured on all Nike Blazers to date – or go minimal for a sleeker aesthetic. For true sneaker heads, the removal of the swoosh gives them a real limited edition feel, creating a trainer that is understated yet still instantly recognisable.
  • Vintage or Modern: You can choose to include white material sections on the back tab, tongue and lining (which was featured on the original 1973 Blazer) by simply selecting Vintage White option. Alternatively, if you would prefer an injection of colour, choose the Matching Colour option.

Some example customisation options on the new NIKEiD Blazer Mid


Probably the best – and most exciting – feature to be included into the customisation process is the colour and materials selector. With 16 colours and 3 different materials to choose from, you are bound to find something to make you standout from the crowd and integrate seamlessly within your wardrobe.

Pick suede for a sophisticated classic Blazer look, lightweight canvas if you are looking for a perfect summertime trainer or premium leather for a hard wearing ‘grown up’ trainer that boasts a luxurious aesthetic.

Bold, striking block colour options will suit even the most extrovert of personalities, whilst the classic white and black versions will form the backbone of any successful capsule wardrobe. There are even 2 beautiful floral graphic patterns to choose from, both of which feature original art work by designer Anna-Luise Rieper. Not only do they hit this year’s biggest fashion trend, prints, they can be considered a work of art in themselves:

NIKEiD x Blazer Mid Colour and Print Customisations

Product Highlights
  • This Blazer model is based on the original Nike Blazer, which has a sleek form & thin sole.
  • The upper is available in 16 colours & 3 materials.
  • There are 2 lace options: Original flat laces & leather laces.
  • There are over 25 million possible customisation options.
  • Delivery time is approximately 4 weeks.
  • Priced At: £95.00

Start Customising Your NIKEiD x Blazers Now


Q: Is the suede option a real leather?
A: Yes. The Suede is a vintage split suede of 1.4-1.6MM bovine leather.

Q: Are the Solid Canvas and the Floral Print Canvas?s made of different materials?
A: Yes. The Solid Canvas is a 12oz cotton canvas textile and the Floral Print Canvas is a dye-sublimated polyester canvas.

Q: Can I change the color of the logo on the tongue top?
A: No, this is the original design for the classic NIKE logo on the Blazer Mid and it is an iconic element of the shoe.

Q: Can I change the color of the midsole wrap and toe bumper?
A: No, for now it?s only available in the original classic white.

Q: Who is Anna-Luise Rieper and what was the inspiration for the spring and summer floral print designs?
A: Prior to her role as a Material Designer at Nike, Anna-Luise Rieper earned her Masters in Textile Design from the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart Germany and worked with Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Italia, in Como Italy. The origins of her distinctive floral pattern designs began as an original art work, initially created using watercolor. The vibrant blooms of the spring and summer seasons in her home town of Sindelfingen Germany inspired this piece.