Nioxin – The Answer To Thinning Hair?

We all have a friend who’s the butt of everyone’s jokes about his thinning mop or receding hair line, right? Well, it could be time to find a new fault if Nioxin’s new three part hair system kit for men delivers what it says on the tin.

The USA based thinning hair brand has arrived in the UK, bringing with it a three part hair treatment kit based around the idea that a healthy and cleansed scalp delivers stronger and thicker hair with a fuller appearance – and its all treatment that you can carry out in the comfort of your own bathroom.

The Three Stage Treatment

Firstly, the Nioxin Cleanser shampoo removes sebum (the stuff that clogs your hair follicles) and environmental residues from your scalp, in order to provide a cleansed base from which your hair can grow.

Stage two is Nioxin’s Scalp Revitaliser, which works towards making the hair more resilient, tough and the best bit – less likely to fall out.

Stage three comes in the form of Nioxin’s Hair Booster, which is an intensive ‘leave on’ serum that stimulates the blood vessels under your scalp. You can apply it as you wish to areas of real concern, such as the crown or temples.

Hair stylist and Nioxin ambassador Jonathan Naylor understands how thinning hair can be such a hindrance to the modern man:

“I see so many guys in the salon who love the idea of having that on trend quiff or swept over parting, but are unable to achieve it due to thin or receding hair. The introduction of the Nioxin treatments into the male grooming market means guys have now got a product they can be sure will deliver them the result they are wanting – thicker, fuller hair.”

The three step treatment program and starter kits are available now at Nioxin and Amazon.

Nioxin Three Stage Treatment:

Nioxin Three Stage Treatment