OHW? Shoes – Ted Sneaker

As a designer, you want your product to materialise exactly how you imagined it, right from the very start. Failing that, you want it to be even better. The only way this is really possible is to have complete control over every stage of design, production and quality control. That means no out-sourcing and no corner-cutting. You may be surprised to hear that many shoe manufacturers do not partake in these practices – expensive and time-consuming practices that have been lost to the hands that wield cheap labour in distant corners of the globe. OHW? shoes owns their own factory and has decide to break that mould.

All the designs are clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing, allowing the quality of the material and the superior manufacturing process speak for itself. My personal favourite is the Ted sneaker in white. The thick full grain leather will maintain the shape of the excellent panelling well in to the future and the thin stitching and pressed logo presents a subtle level of detail.

The most prominent feature is the use of square-cut leather laces, which are normally associated with deck shoes. Not only does this make them ideal for spring/summer but their mix of white and tan seamlessly blends the shoe’s upper to the gum sole in a most intelligent way. The Ted sneaker fills a niche between a Common Projects Achilles and an Adidas Stan Smith in terms of price, but exceeds the quality that you would associate with this slot by as long way.

A further noteworthy detail is that every single pair is hand signed by the person doing the final quality control. This may seem trivial but really it symbolises that the company are willing to be held accountable for their products because they clearly demand as high a standard as you, the customer, do.

With prices hovering around the £100 mark, yhw not try on a pair?

Head over to the ohw? website to check out the full collection.

Looking good isn’t important, it’s everything.

OHW? Shoes – Ted Sneaker:

OHW? Shoes - Ted Sneaker

OHW? Shoes - Ted Sneaker

OHW? Shoes - Ted Sneaker