Oiler & Boiler Loungewear Collection

Many of you will already be familiar with designer underwear and swimwear brand Oiler &amp Boiler, with their vibrant underwear ranges and sought after Hampton inspired swimwear collection combining two traits we desire when we splash our hard earned cash: quality and affordability.

So many of you will be glad to know that the brand is continuing to adhere to these qualities within their latest venture – loungewear.

Following on from the success of their underwear and swimwear lines, the loungewear collection is set to broadened the brand’s appeal by meeting all your daily relaxation needs – with lounge pants/shorts, basic vests/tees, and even long johns available in Oiler & Boilers signature fit and style.

Long Johns

Aiming to bring the long john back into fashion, Oiler & Boiler have given traditional long johns a modernised twist through their unique combination of vibrant colours and up to date prints and patterns, creating what the brand considers “the coolest long johns on the market”:

Rockaway Beach Long Johns

Coney Island Lounge Pant

However, if you feel that long johns have already had their time, or prefer to stick with more traditional loungewear apparel, the Coney Island Lounge Pant should be right up your street. Featuring a a checked print design – commonly found upon men’s pyjamas or lounge pants – the design comes in two striking colour ways of blue and red, and includes an Oiler & Boiler branded elasticated waistband for a more comfortable fit:

Coney Island Lounge Pant

Basic Tees & Vests

The West Hampton Rib Vest and South Hampton T-Shirts complete the look, ensuring that you appear effortlessly stylish, and above all comfortable, whilst relaxing at home on the weekend or during long winter nights:

West Hampton Rib Vest and South Hampton Tee Shirt

You can shop the full range of Oiler & Boiler Loungewear on the official site now: http://www.oilerandboiler.co.uk/loungewear