Persol Polarised Foldable 714 Acetate Sunglasses

With the temperature finally on the rise following the abysmal British summer we’ve experienced, some of us may discover we’ve neglected a few of our sunshine essentials.

Featuring a unique foldable design and polarised lenses, Persol’s 714 sunglasses are the answer to all your UV dilemmas. Ideal for travel with their compact and collapsible frame, these meticulously crafted accessories are handmade from high-grade acetate by skilled Italian artisans.

Persol sunglass models each have their own illustrious associations – the 2244-S and 2720-S styles are the eyewear choice of James Bond, whilst the 714’s on offer this season were made famous by legendary style icon Steve McQueen, who was regularly seen sporting a pair in warmer climes. With an iconic sartorial legacy behind each design, no eyewear aficionado’s collection would be complete without a pair of Persols.

Persol’s origins date back to 1917, which is generally regarded as the era that modern sunglass manufacture began. Founded in Milan by optician Guiseppe Ratti, Persol established a firm reputation in the early half of the 20th century for pioneering scientific advances in the field of sunglass design.

Originally supplying its creations for racing drivers and pilots, Persol’s appealing formula of uber-cool aesthetics combined with a high-tech authority became immensely popular with the discerning public. With its patronage by high-profile clientele still going strong to this day, the brand is considered the standard-bearer for luxe Italian sunglass design.

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, a pair of Persol 714’s are an entirely style-appropriate purchase; pop these enduring classics in your cabin carryon to ensure you always keep your cool in sultry climes.

Available now from Mr Porter priced at £245.

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Persol Polarised Foldable 714 Acetate Sunglasses:

Persol Polarised Foldable 714 Acetate Sunglasses