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Recently on FashionBeans, our grooming editor, Duncan Copeland, brought you his complete guide men’s eye care. As you will already know, a night on the tiles or lack of sleep can have a dramatic impact on the way you look. Under eye bags, puffiness and other such imperfections have the ability to age you, literally overnight.

One of the key product types that Duncan recommended to combat this were under-eye roll-ons. Designed for men who don’t have time to stand there applying potions and under eye creams every morning and night, these products are quick and easy to apply – whether you are at home or on the go. Designed with a convenient roller ball applicator – which is not only convenient but also makes sure that you apply minimal pressure to delicate under eye skin – you simply wipe these under each eye morning and night, and that’s it!

Many of the top grooming brands on the market have released their own versions, including Nivea, Clinique and L’Oreal, but today we want to introduce you to what is widely regarded as one of the best currently available – Icy Magic.

Created by Polaar, you have most likely never heard of the brand, never mind the product before but it is receiving rave reviews from major publications and personal blogs alike. And for good reason – the combination of ingredients and results achieved are top notch. When you haven’t got the backing of a huge brand name, you need to make sure your product delivers if you are ever going to find your niche in the market. I have personally trialled icy magic, and the results are the best I have seen from similar products.

Named ‘Icy Magic’ as it provides an instant cooling effect, you can feel it going to work immediately. It is almost a tingling sensation, due to the combination of Tetrapeptides and Siberian Ginseng, which provides you with the confidence that the product is actually doing something.

Polaar state that you will see results from 15 days of continuous use, morning and night. They aren’t promising the Earth like some other companies do, you have to be committed to using the product vigilantly if you really want to see noticeable effects. However, 70% of men noted a significant reduction in puffiness after 28 days (in vivo tests), dark circles significantly lightened and the eye contour is revived and radiance restored.

Priced at £16 for 5ml, you can buy it now from Niven & Joshua.

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Icy Magic