Public School AW12 Clothing

“Urbane: suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities.”

This is a definition perfectly describing the lookbook images accompanying Public School’s new autumn/winter 2012 collection. The New York based designers blend together various pieces of outerwear – from tightly fitting leather jackets to looser woollen coats – in order to create a plethora of refined urban looks.

Public School have highlighted the importance of layering to deal with the impending chill of winter, by teaming various tailored blazers and coats with sharp, defined layers underneath. They have also reversed this approach in various look by combining shorter Letterman and leather jackets with oversized knitwear. A distinctly urban feel is created through the use of leather items and dark hues, which are juxtaposed with a preppy edge – achieved via the variety of tailored knitwear and shirts utilised beneath.

The key items within the lookbook are generally monochromatic in colour, rarely moving from the darkest shades of navy or black; the dress code for inner city life. However, the dusky winter palette is contrasted throughout with cream and white knitwear to further emphasise collegiate accents within the collection.

In a collection of constant contrast, the brains behind the lookbook, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne, have managed to blend the traditional hipster influences of Brooklyn with the smart, privileged socialites of Manhattan. The result is a new brand of style stemming from two trends which are, in principle, divergent.

Overall, Public School have managed to expand the boundaries of the aforementioned approaches to fashion, thus providing sleek yet aloof ideas of inspiration for the winter months.

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Public School AW12 Clothing:

Public School Clothing: AW12 Collection

Public School Clothing: AW12 Collection

Public School Clothing: AW12 Collection