Keep Your Clothes and Yourself Equally Fresh

The globally influential streetwear designer, musician and producer Hiroshi Fujiwara – of Nike and Levis Fenom collaboration fame – has lent his creative genius to the body and skincare world. Relatively unknown outside of Japan, retaW or ‘water’ backwards, sees Mr Fujiwara collaborate with one of Tokyo’s leading skin experts. The partnership originated with a range of finest quality body washes, body moisturisers and a skincare line named riA.

Since retaW and riA launched in 2008 the range has grown considerably, as has the brands reputation, owing to quality ingredients and pioneering scents. Mr Fujiwara’s fashion influence is clear to see as new products enter the fold. Not only can customers wash themselves in their chosen scent but the addition of products such as Fragrance Liquid For Fabric means clothes and other fabrics can be freshened with their favourite scent too.

The clothing relationship continues with Fragrance Tablets, small cardboard tabs doused in fragrance, suitable for your draws, wardrobe and luggage. The premise; constantly add fragrance to your favourite clothes so you are always smelling your best.

The brand’s most popular scent is Natural Mystic, a spicy affair with hints of Vanilla and Patchouli. It’s retaW’s number one which has taken the greatest steps towards building the link between clothing and skincare with the release of a Fragrance Fabric Conditioner. Best described as fabric softener upgraded, it leaves clothes soft and smelling exceptional.

As the link between fashion and men’s grooming gets ever closer, this intriguing brand from Japan signifies this unity better than any.

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retaW Men’s Grooming Range:

Natural Mystic Fragrance Liquid For Fabric

Natural Mystic Fragrance Fabric Conditioner

Natural Mystic Fragrance Tablet

Natural Mystic Fragrance Tablet