Saint Laurent Paris Give First Look At New Logo

Late last month, the iconic French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent shocked the fashion world when new creative director, Hedi Slimane, announced that the company would officially be changing their name to San Laurent Paris. Although it had been previously reported that the famous YSL letters logo would continue to be used within the brand, the company has used the construction boards, which surround a soon-to-be-opened store, to offer the public their first look at the typography of the new Saint Laurent Paris logo.

The new store, which is located on Mercer Street, in the trendy Soho area of New York, had its signage changed at some point within the last week to reflect the new direction of the brand. The announcement that the YSL brand, whose typographical logo was designed in 1963 by famed Ukrainian-French commercial artist Cassandre, was changing its name was the source of much controversy, with fashion fanatics worried that the esteemed fashion house was abandoning its legacy for seemingly little reason.

However, the blocky new logo, which abandons the interlocking italics of the previous design and features a much bolder typeface, is reportedly intended to be used exclusively for the company’s ready-to-wear line, with the company’s official preferred nomenclature remaining Yves Saint Laurent for the foreseeable future.

At the time of writing, the store’s sides are said to have been covered up by posters advertising an unrelated clothing brand, but pictures taken before said brand’s cheeky attempt at riding YSL’s publicity coattails have already been made widely available.

What do you think of the new logo, bold step forward or embarrassing misstep?

Saint Laurent Paris Give First Look At New Logo:

Saint Laurent Paris New Logo

Saint Laurent Paris New Logo