Shwood Release Limited Edition Canby Frames to Support Sandy Victims

The period in which Hurricane Sandy struck was a devastating and terrifying time for those living in the Caribbean and the East Coast of the United States, as well as those of us with family and friends in the areas affected. The largest Atlantic hurricane to date, its after effects are still being felt and the road to recovery has only just begun to be travelled.

In a small but surely appreciated gesture, Portland-based sunglasses company Shwood have launched the Shwood Recovery Initiative, which aims to donate a portion of profits made from a limited edition release of their flagship model, in order to aid the relief effort.

Through the initiative, Shwood have made available a version of their Canby frame, with proceeds from every sale being donated to the American Red Cross. In addition, Shwood will be donating 10% of profits made from all other sunglasses purchases made, up until December 8th 2012.

As with all of Shwood’s frames, the limited edition Canby is constructed from 100% precision carved solid wood – in this case, Santos Mahogany.

The frames are branded with the Shwood logo, as well as the Latin phrase, “E pluribus unum,” which appears on the United States seal and translates to “many uniting as one,” a phrase hoped to be reflected in the actions of the public following such an incredible disaster.

The limited edition Santos Mahogany Canby frame is available from the Shwood online store with polarised and non-polarised lenses. Prices range from $155-$195.

Shwood Release Limited Edition Canby Frames to Support Sandy Victims:

Canby Limited Edition