Smyth & Gibson Formal Shirt Collection

Smyth & Gibson shirts give custom-grade quality to smart, everyday style.

We all have go-to brands for certain styles. Whether you choose to hit the high street for basics or opt for high-end statement pieces, you will always have a favourite and knows what works best for your own body type.

Now, I have not always been a formal wear fan, as my body shape is firmly entrenched in the muscle rugby silhouette rather than slender catwalk model. Buying formal wear can be a nightmare.

Like many other gents in this situation, I find that most clothing that fits my broad shoulders leaves my torso swimming in excess fabric. On the opposite end of the scale, to get a shirt that’s fitted around the torso I end up not being able to lift my arms above 45 degrees. It has always been a problem.

Not any more.

I came across the folks at Smyth & Gibson just over a year ago and I have never looked back. Not only are their shirts of the highest quality, the fit is unbeatable.

Smyth & Gibson have been making shirts for over twenty years from their base in Ireland. Their shirts are skilfully handmade and come with a 20-year construction guarantee, which you definitely can’t turn your collar up at. The shirts are made from superb twofold cotton poplin, with natural mother-of-pearl buttons.

Smyth & Gibson shirts are categorised into four sections: classic-city shirts, custom-grade shirts, law shirts and slim-fit shirts. The classics-city styles are my go to – cut to a mid-fit silhouette, they are tailored to the body without looking tight or uncomfortable.

The attention to detail is impeccable. Each and every one is hand cut and then created in a process that sees the shirt pass through the hands of at least 15 highly skilled shirt makers. Collars are attached to the shirt with a single needle in one single process.

Silver-toned collar bars are available as an additional extra. Designed to keep the collar in place instead of using buttons, the bar provides lift to the knot of a tie, creating a slick raised arc – making your considered tie selection all the more visible. The collar bar acts almost like a jewellery accent to the shirt, raising its style status to dapper heights.

Finally, these shirts are also versatile enough to work in a less formal setting. When you’re not in a suit-and-boot mood, these shirts – with the collar bar in but no tie – look great with a pair of slim jeans and matching shoes, creating the perfect balance of smart and casual.

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Smyth & Gibson Formal Shirt Collection:

Smyth & Gibson Formal Shirt Collection

Smyth & Gibson Formal Shirt Collection

Smyth & Gibson Formal Shirt Collection