Stubbs & Wootton Needlepoint Tapestry Slippers

This year, more than any before, prepare to be overwhelmed with an unprecedented level of popularity for the ultimate spring/summer shoe: loafers. And for obvious reasons too. As soon as you slip on a pair of loafers, you won’t be able to shake off an annoyingly pleasant feeling of being on a holiday. Yet this relaxed and comfortable aesthetic does not prevent them from having a certain ‘class’.

In our age of ‘neo-wildeism’, when men strive to disguise their masculinity in elegance, loafers have become the perfect fashion item. More than that, they embody all the things that fashion currently embraces: sophistication, elegance and a preference for things typically associated with the social elite. Welcome to the world of the Great Gatsby, where the likes of Ralph Lauren and Brook Brothers lead the way.

Thanks to their increasing popularity, we can expect to see loafers becoming a much bigger part of our wardrobes. Although most of us will go for the classic black/tan suede variety, it is always worth pointing out items that stand apart from the mass. After all, fashion is as much about individualism as it is about aesthetics.

A theme that attracted attention on the recent AW12 men’s shows was the use of rich embroidery in dark seasonal hues such as burgundy. With this in mind, the needlepoint tapestry loafers by Stubbs & Wootton could not be more on-trend (and even future proof). With their embroidered tapestry finish, they reminisce to glamorous gentlemanly eras past.

This quality will be perfectly complemented with more casual clothes that let the individualism and special character of these loafers breathe. Paired with simple slim jeans or tailored shorts, it will help create a fresh and hard to imitate look.

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Stubbs & Wootton Needlepoint Tapestry Slippers:

Stubbs & Wootton Needlepoint Tapestry Slippers

Stubbs & Wootton Needlepoint Tapestry Slippers