Tender Co – Natural Cow Horn Comb

As more and more modern males are donning quiffs and slick back hairstyles, the comb has become an important piece of grooming kit. The Natural Cow Horn Comb from Tender Co is a simple yet effective tool, which will no doubt keep your barnet in check – whether at home or on the go.

This comb is part of Tender Co’s very British range, which includes a wide array of clothes, accessories and homeware that are carefully researched, designed and produced right here in England.

Handmade from the steamed and flattened side of a hollow cow horn and then polished with fine sand, the Tender Co comb makes for a comfortable and smooth use. Compare this to the flimsiness of its plastic counterparts and you can see why it reigns superior.

The comb is offered in various shades but it is the dark honeycomb that really packs a punch – with the varying shades of light blonde and chocolate derived from the natural cow horn giving it a distinct aesthetic. This, combined with its durability, makes it a real must have accessory for the modern gent.

Each comb comes with its own riveted calico pillowcase, allowing you to keep it by your side at all times meaning any disaster to your carefully styled hair can be quickly rectified easily and effectively. Paired with your favourite hair styling product, you have an instant recipe for success. Wave bye-bye to those stray hairs once and for all.

As these products are handmade, inevitably there is limited stock available. Head over to either Daniel Jenkins or http://shop.the189.com to pick up one of these beauties. Prices range from £40-45.

Tender Co – Natural Cow Horn Comb:

Tender Co - Natural Cow Horn Comb