The Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges

Now we must not forget that fashion extends beyond the realms of what we wear day to day, to work or out on the town. Sometimes one of the most important times to you look your best is when you’re trying to feel or be your best. With this in mind, we introduce to you Nike’s House of Innovation at Selfridges.

Icon of all things sporting; the culture, the games and the spectacle, Nike, and their new home in Selfridges Ultra Lounge, seek to celebrate everything that makes sport great. With an action-packed programme of seminars and other free events, all attended by some rather notable athletes and Nike designers, it looks set to be one rather energetic summer.

The Ultra Lounge has been designed as a way to showcase the hottest and most coveted sport related goods on the market. From must-have training accessories like Nike’s sold-out-everywhere Fuelband – designed to help you stay focused, fit and on form – to the latest in modern gym gear clothing, which is designed to make you run faster, jump higher and push harder. It’s a one-stop shop for functional sporting fashion, to enable any athlete to look and perform their best.

One of the highlights of the project, apart from all of the awesome window displays (including interactive ones), is Nike’s new range of sport shoes.


The Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges

A men’s basketball trainer, these shoes are designed to give you maximum output with maximum protection and support. Nike’s innovative Lunarlon cushioning system allows your feet to get lower to the ground, aiding in maximum height through the jump. The latest Flywire system gives Dynamic Support, adapting to the wearers foot.

These new technologies are not saved for basketball either. Nike offers the super sleek Lunarglide editions for running performance, and the Lunar TR1 and Hyperworkout for in the gym training.

But it gets better… with the Nike+ range.


For when you think you can’t train any harder, think again. Nike’s + range are the coveted Nike shoes fused with the latest in training gadgetry. The Nike+ sensors and accompanying adapter – when teamed with iPhones, iPods, apps or other devices – track how hard you work on the court, the field or in the gym. These clever little sensors are embedded in your shoe, wirelessly transmitting your steps and stats to your device.

Team your new hi-tech shoes with Nike’s super slick running performance gear or their limited edition Urban Survival backpack for a look that not only makes you the poster child for fitness chic, but actually enhances your ability to train and perform.

You can head over to to shop the collection. Alternatively, to find out more about the The Nike House of Innovation click here.

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The Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges:

The Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges

The Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges