Thom Browne Thom Grey Capsule Collection

Top designer Thom Browne has announced Thom Grey – a new line at a lower price point. Thom Grey’s initial capsule collection is aimed at a younger man. Based around the colour grey, the collection combines classic Thom Browne pieces with youthful staples for an aesthetic that is distinct yet retains the brands signature style.

Fittingly the collection centres on the iconic Thom Browne suit – slim cut and slightly undersized – instantly recognisable to anyone who follows fashion. But the focus on the younger man is revealed in the accompanying pieces; rugby shirts, hoodies and a tasteful take on the classic varsity jacket stand out when paired with classic trousers. Splashes of colour, predominantly bold greens, contrast with the dominant monochrome palette and add a touch of fun to the collection.

This combination of styles creates an easy-to-wear, retro collegiate aesthetic, which is ideal for introducing suiting into a younger man’s wardrobe. Incidentally the collection also illustrates why this style is perfect for a capsule wardrobe – by combining casualwear and suiting it shows how one could conceivably dress for any occasion with just a couple of pairs of trousers, a few shirts, a smart jacket and some assorted casual pieces. The restrained colour palette compliments the minimalism of the styling whilst the detail of the pieces allows them stand out individually.

While the collection is advertised as having a lower price point, a Thom Browne suit can easily set you back two thousand pounds. So whilst everything will see you get change from a grand, often it will not be much. However, if you have the money, there are some great pieces on display here.

Thom Grey is a brand to watch out for and it will be interesting to see where Browne takes it after this initial collection.

You can shop the collection over at Barneys New York.

Thom Browne – Thom Grey Capsule Collection

Thom Grey Capsule Collection

Thom Grey Capsule Collection

Thom Grey Capsule Collection