The Tissot T Race Collection

Tissot watches have a history associated with motor sports, from sponsoring drivers and riders to being the official timekeepers for events such as the MotoGP championships. Their rage of T Race watches are perfect for the motorsports fan as they retain all the style and functionality of any other Tissot watch, but this particular range has been designed specifically to reflect motorsports, which can be seen throughout their designs.

Earlier in 2012, Tissot released a limited edition of the T Race, which you’d have had to be pretty swift to get your hands on – with only 2,012 being made and it being very high in demand. Now though, the remainder or the T Race collection is up for grabs, with a great selection of them available for both men and women.

The whole collection features a chronograph analogue display with round dials and rubber straps, but each watch has its own individual style. There are many subtle differences, one of which is in the variance in colour schemes, from the bright and bold T0484172705703 with vibrant yellow rubber straps and detailing to the slick all black T0484173705700.

The chronograph dials feature in multiple positions across different versions of the watch; some placed at 12, 6 and 9 o’clock and other at 2, 6 and 10 o’clock, which, along with the varying styles of bezels and crowns, means that in addition to the array of colours, there is a wide and varied selection to choose from.

Prices range from just under £400 for the more basic models to just under £800 for the more expensive pieces, opening them up to a large sector of potential motorsports lovers.

Tissot T Race watches are available from The Watch Hut.

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The Tissot T Race Collection:

The Tissot T Race Collection