TommyGuns Moulding Texturing Paste with Oranges and Limes

TommyGuns, the award winning Salon Professional Haircare brand, takes a different view to haircare; fusing nature, fragrance and high quality performance into every one of its products.

With its complete range having been tried and tested (and then re-tested once more) by women and men in real situations, it enables the brand to produce pioneering styling products that will not let you down – as they aim to work in total harmony with your hair.

Boasting that their haircare selection is “not just made from the same materials as other brands” they utilise ingredients that makes them special and unique within their industry, such as Nettle, Burdock, Pomegranate, Sage and Basil.

One product from the range that got a resounding response from the guys in the FashionBeans office, not only for its distinctive aroma but also for its performance, is the Moulding Texturing Paste with Oranges and Limes.

Ideal for a more unstructured hair styles, this product enhances hold and your hairs’ natural texture for a more flexible matt finish – perfect for those of you who are fed up with other products which leave your hair looking stiff and rigid, with that unwanted greasy or, even worse, flaky finish.

Suitable for all hair types, this paste is even appropriate for those of your with shorter hair who are looking to add that all important definition and separation to your edgy style.

Retailing at just £6.50, you can get your hands on this grooming cabinet must have over on the Niven & Joshua website.

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TommyGuns Moulding Texturing Paste with Oranges and Limes:

TommyGuns Moulding Texturing Paste with Oranges and Limes