FashionBeans Top 3 Winter Skincare Products

Whilst the countdown to Christmas has already started for most of the high street, it’s safe to say there are a few weeks left until we begin to eat and drink too much and spend our monthly wages (and the rest) on gifts for our loved ones.

Christmas is a time for giving and peace amongst all but it is also a time for stepping up your style game. The office Christmas party will inevitably commit many drunken moments to camera and you also get to see perennial relatives, so it shouldn’t be considered vein to want to look your absolute best.

But if, like us, the winter season has battered your usually supple skin, you may be in need of a ‘skin savour’. Here we round up our top 3 winter skin products for men, which will have your skin looking tip top and ready for scrutiny over the festive season.

Best Luxury Buy

Liz Earle 2 Piece Men’s Cleanse & Moisturise Collection: £32.00.

Liz Earle 2 Piece Men's Cleanse & Moisturise Collection

Whilst this may be a luxury buy, the value is second to none. This set contains the building blocks of any great skincare routine – a quality cleanser and moisturiser.

The Cleanse and Polish range is a cult favourite amongst the ladies and now comes in specifically male packaging. The creamy cleanser is best rubbed on a dry face to break down the dirt and debris of the day, and then the muslin clothes (2 supplied with the set) are used for whipping away grease and grime, plus any dead skin flakes, which are common during winter.

The After Shaving Moisturiser is perfect for settling down the angry effects of your blade, whilst it’s also very light and absorbs quickly – perfect for men on the go or those with little free time in the morning.

Available at: QVC.

Best Travel Product

Palmers Swivel Stick: £5.99.

Palmers Swivel Stick

This is a multi-purpose winter rescue product from skincare experts Palmers. Not just a lip balm but also a savior for wind burned and chaffed skin, you can slap it on anywhere pesky dry flakes persist.

The screw action adds to the ease of application and makes it the perfect product to store in your coat pocket or bag. We recommend buying a few and keeping one in the office, one in the gym bag and one at home. You will never experience face dandruff again, as this softening formula gets to work fast and keeps skin as it should be.

It also contains SPF 30 – so don’t forget to pack it in your skiing suitcase.

Available at: Boots.

Best Budget Buy

Dove Men+ Care Moisturisers: £8.99 each for 50ml.

Dove Men+ Care Moisturisers

Dove is known for its simple and kind approach to skincare, so it was great to hear that they had launched 3 moisturisers specifically for men’s requirements. You can easily spend over £30 on a good moisturiser, so initially we were dubious if an £8.99 product would deliver what we demand. With this in mind, we put them to the test – and they did not disappoint.

Three different targeted varieties suit every possible face care need: Hydrate, Revitalise and Sensitive. Hydrate is an all-rounder keeping skin hydrated and comfortable all day, even in the depths of a British winter. Revitalise is like a skin espresso (or skinspresso if you like hybrid words), topping up tired and fatigued skin. Sensitive is for those with delicate skin, who are often prone to redness and discomfort from products.

The dove skincare range manages to challenge more established (and often more expensive) brands and demonstrates you don’t always need to spend a lot on skincare to get great results.

Available exclusively at: Boots.

Final Word

So, hopefully our quick top 3 list will help stop Mother Nature in her skin destructive tracks. Whilst there is no grooming product to stop the ground frost and the embarrassing slip ups it brings (sadly), we can stop winter ravaging our skin with a little special attention and a few extra products in the grooming cabinet.

Oh, and don’t forget that mulled wine is a superb way to ward off the cold if all else fails.