Top Three Picks From New Love Club’s SS12 Collection

The bold and innovative designs of New Love Club are a precious drop of uniqueness in the vast desert of mass-produced graphic t-shirts.

Everyone loves a graphic t-shirt; a must-have for any sartorial-savvy gent, the graphic t-shirt has been used a symbol of expression – be it for protest, proclamation or simply exclamation – for decades.

The problem when such a quirky, unique creation reaches the masses is that it becomes just that – mass. Graphic tops, tees, vest and shirts can be seen up and down the high street, with the abundance seemingly blurring into one big graffiti-inspired haze.

New Love Club is harking back to the spirit of the graphic t-shirts’ hay-day, yet still managing to put a contemporary spin on it to ensure relevance in today’s market. Self-proclaimed ‘modernists’, New Love Club designs feature hand-drawn graphics alongside a range of manipulated photographs, eye-catching geometric shapes and retro-inspired images, all woven in with amateur women and abstract art.

Prints from New Love Club range from minimal to intricate, monochromatic to colour, all with running themes of nostalgia and a nod to modern styling. The tops are made from super-soft (I can vouch for this) combed cotton, cut to a unisex fit and retail on average at an amazingly wallet-friend £25 (for t-shirts).

There is a wide range of styles to choose from, and below are some of my personal favourites.

1. Creation

This was my first purchase; I just love this graphic. It is the perfect amount of colour and detail without being overly fussy. The geometric shape gives an old-school vibe to the top, while the lightweight fabric keeps it feeling modern:

NEW LOVE CLUB Creation t-shirt

2. Panda

This top is to be my second purchase; I want it for its humour and offbeat nature. The photo print is quirky and attention grabbing for the right reasons – not for being overbearing or controversial – which seems to prevail in many other high street brands. I look forward to seeing the faces of my colleagues when I turn up to work in it:

NEW LOVE CLUB Panda t-shirt

3. Starry

I chose the Starry t-shirt for its versatile possibilities. Work it by day with your standard off-duty jeans, but ramp up the style stakes as the day turns to night by donning a slick black blazer and a slim fitting pair of jeans:

NEW LOVE CLUB Stars t-shirt

New Love Club is available at Topman, Selfridges and of course the New Love Club website.

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