Debauched teenagers? Drug abuse? Nakedness? Yep. Skins is back, and in its first two episodes it has looked as fashion conscious as ever.

Now, I hesitate to say Skins style is for everyone. There are a lot of looks that not many of us are going to rush out and reproduce (string vest, fertility-endangering shorts and crocs anyone?) But, in amongst them, there are trends being given a boost and classics being renovated.

Skins Character Style

First up is Nick. If you ever wanted an example of how young guys should use colour, you’ve found it. The guy effortlessly plays reds off against greens and matches purple and blue, all the while suiting his colour choice to his skin tone.

Skins TV Show. Nick's Style

Bold, bright and sometimes clashing colour works well because of both its stand-out visual effect and its ease. If you follow the principles of matching a light tone with a dark one, knowing your colour wheel (even if you want to challenge it) and holding off on the detail, block colour outfits are easy.

Alongside his great colour matching, Nick could be dressed for under £40: the advantage of wearing bright, simple clothing is that your budget can be minuscule. With no need to spend a lot to get the basics, an outfit based on colour can come in cheap – useful if you plan on spending more on going out than on getting dressed.

In short:

  • Colour matching, as has been said before, is an essential skill.
  • When you need to go cheap go colourful.
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Now onto Luke. In two words: Beach Preppy

Skins TV Show. Luke's Style

Luke does so many things right all the way through the first episode. We’ve all seen chinos become a big thing but what Luke does is something I think many people fail to: he does more than substitute them for jeans. Instead of wearing them out of obedience to a trend he makes sure the rest of his outfit works towards the same effect.

A detailed red polo and black Oxfords work with rather than against his chinos, and round off a look that excels at the essence of Preppy. As well as his use of chinos, Luke also shows how to utilise a formal shirt in a casual setting. Turning the collar up and wearing a shirt open is a confident but straightforward way to mix formal and casual. Without looking out of place, Luke reveals just how versatile those classics are.

By doing all of that Luke shows off another great couple of principles to work by:

  • Make sure all the components of your outfit work together.
  • Don’t be afraid to dress down your formal wardrobe to make a statement casually.
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Finally, the last of our Skins trinity, Alo. Once you get past the outrageous elements of his style – his silver suit for example – he is an occasional genius.

Skins TV Show. Alo's Style

To make the mistake of predicting trends, I wouldn’t be surprised if his kind of loud shirt were to make an impact on holiday wear this summer. It’s a progression of the kind of patterning we have seen with knitwear this winter – a trend which was and still is well supported.

Importantly, Alo gets away with being so eccentric in his taste because he is unashamed of being outrageous. From past experience (a yellow and black checked sweatshirt; never again) the most courageous fashion-forward decision can go wrong, and when that happens take inspiration from Alo. You don’t see him blushing when he’s wearing silver flares and jumping around on stage – and looking at how tight they are that is a minor miracle.

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The first two episodes of Skins have been eclectic in their style. It’s not all safe, but then what fun things ever are?