UNIQLO Launches U.S. Online Shop

All of our American readership can now rejoice; Japanese brand Uniqlo have finally opened their online US store.

The arrival of the highly anticipated online offering has been long overdue for our American audience, as there are only 5 bricks and motar stores located in the United States, and before now has been difficult for customers to source garments.

That has all changed now with the arrival off their dedicated website, which ensures the entire population of the United States has easy access to the brands high quality, affordable range of clothing.

“Opening up our e-commerce store, and making our innovative, high quality, affordable clothing available to the entire United States, is an important part of our long-term growth strategy to be the world’s number one retailer,”
said UNIQLO USA Chief Executive Officer Shin Odake.

As an online exclusive, the brand are also expanding their range of sizes and fits on select products. For example, the Men’s Ultra Light Down Jackets and Oxford Long-Sleeve Shirts are available in slim and tall fits now, and the Men’s Easy Care Long Sleeve Shirts availability is increasing to a staggering 115 sizes online (in store they currently only stock six).

The Uniqlo site features a recommendation engine that remembers customer’s favourite products, colours and styles, and uses the information to build a better list of suggested clothing each time they visit the site.

So, for all of our American readers – what are you waiting for? Head over to the Uniqlo US website now to shop the collection. Why? Just because you can!

UNIQLO Launches U.S. Online Shop:

UNIQLO Launches U.S. Online Shop

UNIQLO Launches U.S. Online Shop