Urban Outfitters Snapback Range

Summer is almost upon us – and the best way to throw off the recent rain and usher in the sun is to break out the snapbacks!

2012 is officially set to be the year of the snapback, as Nineties fashion and Americana are both dead on trend – check out Murray Clark’s ‘Channeling the Nineties’ article for more detail. Boldly amalgamating these two pillars of summer fashion is Urban Outfitters’ range of snapbacks. While some readers may be unwilling to relent to this style on a principle of sartorial elegance and the fact that they have even become vilified as the preserve of hipsters and other undesirable faux pas of fashion, this particular range has an edge.

Supplied by the world renowned New Era, these hats sport original, interesting twists on the standard American Baseball branding. A chevron clad ‘Aukland A’s’ cap also runs on trend with the Aztec motifs which have become prominent in recent months and, one for the less brash, a demure ‘New York Yankees’ swirling script will imbue any outfit with a touch of the The Land of The Free.

A jaunty (but not too jaunty) angle is almost always best with this kind of cap, and paired with a clashing print shirt and chino shorts or used to dress down a summer suit, they make the perfect statement while preserving dignity. Snapbacks are also a brilliant complement to sunglasses; naturally, a pair of wayfarers will never fail, but go for an original twist, with Cheap Monday’s ‘Psychometry Sunglasses’ or ‘Persol Black’s’ 649 range to provide a crowd surpassing edge.

Relive the nineties as the decade finally reaches retro, and bring on summer with a bang by embracing the snapback.

Shop the collection over at Urban Outfitters.

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Urban Outfitters Snapback Range:

New Era Oakland Athletics 9Fifty Snap Back Cap

New Era San Francisco Giants 9Fifty Snap Back Cap

New Era California Angels 9Fifty Snap Back Cap

New Era New York Yankees 9Fifty Snap Back Cap