Two-Colour Field Jacket

As many of us already know, you should never rely on the weather man. You leave your home at the start of day wearing a nice piece of knitwear and expecting the climate to consist of clear skies, dry spells and perhaps a gentle breeze. But spring, particularly in Britain, is as unpredictable as ever. Rain begins to shoot down unexpectedly, pelting harder and harder by the minute.

Standing under a tree for shelter you hesitantly scan your bag for a brolly; no luck, after all we humans are forgetful. Nobody’s perfect right? However, Urban Outfitters have come up with an attractive, make-shift solution – the recently released ‘Two-Colour Field Jacket’.

This outerwear number possesses a real military feel; comprising of all the gear you could possibly wish for. Featuring a peaked hood, two-button down chest pockets, two waist pockets, metal hook fastening and a drawing waist the jacket succeeds in keeping the rest of you warm, dry and satisfied. There’s also a choice of three different colours to pick from: charcoal, navy and olive.

Suddenly the ever increasing storm outside looks nothing more than a slight patch of drizzle. Grab yourself a lightweight jumper, some chinos and a pair of desert boots and you are good to go – set for the glorious, unforeseeable, British weather.

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Two-Colour Field Jacket:

Olive Two-Colour Field Jacket

Olive Two-Colour Field Jacket