WeWood Red Wing Celtis Wooden Watch

Fashion and ecology rarely go hand in hand, but one new company, WeWOOD, is working hard to change that. WeWOOD offers high-tech, durable timepieces constructed from 100% natural wood, combined with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. In a partnership with American Forests, the company plants one tree for every watch you purchase, and by taking care of it, effectively ensures a better environment for the future generations.

The collection features numerous different models in a variety of woods, ranging from light and dark solids to interesting multi-colour striped versions. The one featured in this article is the understated Date Brown model, fashioned out of Red Wing Celtis wood. The timepiece is constructed of scraps of flooring material, salvaged to create this refined accessory.

This specific model has a round red-brown face with white and silver markings, a Miyota movement and is easily adjusted to almost any wrist. The size of the face is 42mm, and its unusual rugged edge, subtle inscriptions and wood texture makes it the perfect wrist accessory for autumn, and at the same time a great conversation starter.

The company’s products are chemical-free and hypo-allergenic, both traits fully adhering to the philosophy of the brand. The watch is splash-proof, yet you should not try to take it swimming, warns the website! Also on their webpage, you can find detailed videos on how to adjust and configure the strap and metal clasp of the watch.

The Red Wing Celtis wood watch’s deep red tone goes well with almost every existing colour combination in your wardrobe, and lends itself nicely to a heritage inspired or outdoors type looks. To really make it stand out, try pairing it with several colorful bracelets in order to accentuate the piece on your wrist.

Retailing at £79, the WeWOOD watch is a great, reasonable addition to your accessory collection. If you are looking for your first watch, why don’t you start off with this casual, yet extremely stylish option before diving into the world of countless ticking devices? Buying one of these watches will not only help you look impeccable, but, with a new tree planted for every purchase, also help the environment stay green.

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WeWood – Red Wing Celtis Wooden Watch

WeWood Red Wing Celtis Wooden Watch

WeWood Red Wing Celtis Wooden Watch