Since 2006’s notorious ‘We Are Your Friends’ remix, Justice have seen an incredible career trajectory spanning two albums, one Grammy and two worldwide tours. Subsequently, Xavier de Rosnay has become something of a style icon in recent years by combining a 80s rocker vibe with a simplicity that is every inch Parisian fashion territory. Think plenty of black, the ‘investment’ leather jacket and constant references to pop culture of days gone-by, and you’re almost there.

FashionBeans dives into the look behind the iconic French DJ, and everyone could learn something from electronic subculture style.

Xavier de Rosnay Style Breakdown
Xavier de Rosnay Lookbook

Xavier de Rosnay Fashion & Style Lookbook

Key Piece: The Leather Jacket

Arguably Xavier de Rosnay’s trademark piece, the leather jacket should be an essential part of any contemporary wardrobe. Whether you opt for the bomber or the biker, they’re surprisingly easy to pull off when teamed with the right look – and de Rosnay is the Mr Miyagi of leather jacket success.

To really embody a similar feel, try a dishevelled, vintage look – second-hand stores are an excellent place to start. Finding the perfect size and fit may seem a little difficult, but once located, you’ll have a piece that is both timeless and hard-wearing if you’ve paid a little extra for good quality.

Xavier de Rosnay has been pioneering the same look since 2003 and is living proof of classic simplicity outlasting any fleeting trend. For extra points, try a tighter fit. However, exercise caution – if your jacket struggles to fasten, go a size larger.

Decent leather, unfortunately, comes with a price tag. Imitation fabrics just don’t cut the mustard, so channel a few more pounds sterling into that stellar piece and you’ll go far, with quality leather jackets retailing for as little as £100 these days:

  • Asos Biker JacketAsos Biker Jacket
  • Allsaints Cargo Biker Leather JacketAllsaints Cargo Biker Leather Jacket
  • French Connection Nappa Leather Mod JacketFrench Connection Nappa Leather Mod Jacket
  • Allsaints Stenburg Leather JacketAllsaints Stenburg Leather Jacket
  • Reiss Colorado Washed Leather Biker Jacket Off BlackReiss Colorado Washed Leather Biker Jacket Off Black
  • Ami Shearling-collar Leather Bomber JacketAmi Shearling-collar Leather Bomber Jacket
The Denim Alternative

Whilst leather may be the most Xavier de Rosnay move, dabbling with the denim jacket as a more comfortable summer alternative is also totally reflecting of the DJ’s personal style.

Again, try a smaller fit with an 80s grunge feel. Distressed denim is perfect as a lot of high street offerings can look more Eurovision disco than European style icon: a vintage aesthetic remains style supreme when channeling de Rosnay.

Old-school Levis and Wrangler are excellent choices for hitting the classic mark, so keep detailing, embellishments and trims to an absolute minimum – if in doubt, keep it simple:

  • Topman Bleach Denim Western JacketTopman Bleach Denim Western Jacket
  • Asos Denim JacketAsos Denim Jacket
  • Allsaints Bloomsbury Denim JacketAllsaints Bloomsbury Denim Jacket
  • Jean Shop Washed Selvedge Denim JacketJean Shop Washed Selvedge Denim Jacket
  • Levis Vintage Clothing 1967 Type 111 Trucker Dry-denim JacketLevis Vintage Clothing 1967 Type 111 Trucker Dry-denim Jacket
  • Topman Mark Mcnairy Denim JacketTopman Mark Mcnairy Denim Jacket
The Tribute Tee

If you haven’t previously seen it, take the time to feast your eyes on Justice’s D.A.N.C.E video, which utterly illustrates de Rosnay’s affinity for the gaudy, retro-inspired tee:

If the DJ isn’t paying homage to the likes of Metallica and Hooters, he’s repping fellow musicians Erol Alkan and Boys Noize in vintage-inspired t-shirts that are always on the right side of gaudy. There are plenty of second-hand offerings that fit the bill, so search for 80s era tees emblazoned with old school labels and bands – the cheesier and more faded the better.

High street juggernaut Topman have notoriously made their own jab at the retro brand tree, but I’d advise avoiding the more popular stores when perfecting this look; the vintage feel is somewhat jeopardised when every other guy on the street has the same 7UP tee.

Originality is key, but as I’m well aware, vintage shopping isn’t for everyone. There are however plenty of Ed Banger t-shirts championing the elite of European techno are available online or from most good music retailers:

  • Topman White Led Zeppelin Music Icon T-shirtTopman White Led Zeppelin Music Icon T-shirt
  • Mens White Bob Marley Fist T-shirtMens White Bob Marley Fist T-shirt
  • Grey Notorious Jacket TeeGrey Notorious Jacket Tee
  • Asos T-shirt With Raven PrintAsos T-shirt With Raven Print
  • David Bowie TeeDavid Bowie Tee
  • Blackstone Run Dmc TeeBlackstone Run Dmc Tee
The White Alternative

If the tacky chic look isn’t for you, but you’re still wanting a mimicry of de Rosnay’s style, then fear not – the Frenchman is still a pioneer of Parisian simplicity, and the white shirt or tee is a great piece to team with black leather and blue denim.

For an effortless yet edgy approach, make sure tees are plain, loose-fitting and folded over a couple of times at the sleeve.

Sprucing up a potentially plain look can be achieved through accessorising; think simple gold chains and crucifixes but nothing too flashy. Dulled, clean metals always override diamante abominations. Bling is not your friend.

When opting for the crisp white shirt (a wardrobe staple for every man – I cannot stress this notion enough), dress it down with rolled-up sleeves and a few buttons undone, Xavier de Rosnay is anything but polished:

  • American Apparel Sheer Jersey Loose Crew Summer T-shirtAmerican Apparel Sheer Jersey Loose Crew Summer T-shirt
  • Acne Mens Limit T-shirtAcne Mens Limit T-shirt
  • Allsaints Spider V-neckAllsaints Spider V-neck
  • Diesel Spacificola Long Sleeve ShirtDiesel Spacificola Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Levis Made & Crafted 1 Pocket Oxford ShirtLevis Made & Crafted 1 Pocket Oxford Shirt
  • Uniqlo Men Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Long Sleeve ShirtUniqlo Men Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Long Sleeve Shirt
The Black Jeans

Whilst the tribute tee can be swapped for something plainer, and leather and denim are adjustable, the black jean is a stalwart, inflexible part of de Rosnay’s look. They complete the rock aesthetic within every single outfit and are a personal favourite of mine.

Depending on your own tastes and build, experiment with different fits but I’d always recommend a straight, tailored leg. Xavier de Rosnay has taught us fellas the value of black jeans; they can be worn with almost anything. Teamed with other black pieces is more than acceptable (check out my recent article on the all black outfit for inspiration), and they always provide the option of injecting some navy denim. Basically, they’re the ultimate variable when perfecting casual and smarter looks.

Best of all? I hate to admit it, but black jeans can always take a few extra wears before needing a washing machine, and who can argue with stylish convenience? Everyone from Ben Sherman to Balenciaga has their own take on this classic piece, and you’ll find your perfect pair on the retail frontier:

  • Nudie Jeans Slim Jim Organic Dry Denim JeansNudie Jeans Slim Jim Organic Dry Denim Jeans
  • Reiss Fathom Coated Straight Jeans BlackReiss Fathom Coated Straight Jeans Black
  • 5th & Main Black Slim Jeans5th & Main Black Slim Jeans
  • Religion Map28 Manor Black JeansReligion Map28 Manor Black Jeans
  • Allsaints Print Cigarette JeansAllsaints Print Cigarette Jeans
  • Acne Mens Max Man Ray JeansAcne Mens Max Man Ray Jeans

In short, one half of Justice has taught us everything we need to know about 80s-inspired, effortless grunge. French simplicity is at the heart of every look – he doesn’t over think things, and neither should you.

Complete the look with basic pumps and a messy, jagged haircut; don’t concern yourself with length, as the DJ icon has previously sported both long and short crops during the duo’s career.

By following a few simple rules, we can all take a leaf out of his style book. Xavier de Rosnay has forged a look that was cool twenty years ago, cool ten years ago, and most importantly, is still cool today.