YMC SS13 Collection

Staying true to their design ethos, ‘You Must Create’, YMC displayed a truly outstanding collection this week at London Collections: MEN. Steering clear of mainstream trend influences, YMC successfully proved that doing their own thing is working very well for them.

Continuing to reflect on British working class roots, the chosen palette of mustard, oxblood and dark green instantly takes you back to the red brick terraces of the 1970s. Mustard and green striped polo’s convey a strong sportswear influence, in the same way that the check detailing does.

However, there is also an interesting incorporation of safari prints within the collection, which works well both with the chosen palette and alongside the featured accessories. Intricately displayed on shirts and pieces of outerwear, this tropical influence could prove to be a popular trend next spring having considered how well it works here.

Denim also makes a bold appearance in its most raw form. One particular look featured heavy denim jeans and a leopard print polo. Although bold, the result is uniquely stylish and is finished well with the jeans rolled up and neutral shoes.

YMC is a label that not only shows the best of British design, but takes pride in what it means to be British. Using heritage as its strongest influence, it continues to reinvent and make relevant the looks and styles that have shaped the way we dress today.

YMC SS13 Collection:

YMC SS13 Collection