Zara Man – Pique Blazer

Coloured jackets and blazers have become this season’s staple. The high street has been flooded with affordable pieces in every hue imaginable. However, the problem with this is that most options on the shelves have been, quite frankly, hideous. Ill fitted tailoring and low grade fabrics have left a good percentage of British men walking around like an extra in a low budget film about the life and times of Elton John.

Thankfully, Zara has been a consistent exception to this rule (along with a few other high street names, but still few and far between). With realistic ideas on how the jacket will be worn, and how durable it’ll need to be to withstand a less-than-dignified night out, Zara Man has released one of these multi-purpose blazers recently, in the form of their Pique Blazer.

Available in ‘Coral Red’ for those looking to make a statement, and a slightly safer muted green, the blazer is in no way ground breaking or trend changing, but in fact rather the opposite. The real success in this piece is its simplicity; tough material, ease of movement and on-trend colouring. Sure, if a tailored masterpiece that’ll last a lifetime is what you’re after, then this certainly won’t be on your wish list – but if you’re looking for an all-round ‘wear it with anything’ jacket, then look no further.

Zara have a product change over on what seems to be an hourly basis now, so be quick to grab yourself one of these before they disappear. At £39.99, these really are an absolute bargain, and a must for anyone who is still a little unsure of how to wear and dress a tailored piece. Available in store and online.

Zara Man – Pique Blazer:

Zara Man - Pique Blazer

Zara Man - Pique Blazer