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Keyword : “HAWAII”
Let’s say “HI, Beams!”

“HI” stands for the states of HAWAII, the word of exchanging greetings,
also has the meaning of expressing “excitement”.

“HAWAII” is the place which has been worshipped of its holiness from ancient times.
The place where you can find the historical archives of the casual wear of American culture.

As those styles, such as surf, nautical, beach, and resort have been featured as the fashion icons/themes in trends in 2013 Spring and Summer. We, BEAMS, are excited to announce you this colorful and characteristic styles under the keyword of “HAWAII”.

Our presentations of modern and urban styles from 3 labels “BEAMS”, “BEAMS PLUS”, “International Gallery BEAMS” have teamed up with 5 Hawaiian brands will definitely make you “HI”.

Feel the mixture of tropical scent of HAWAII x BEAMS!

STARRING ; Myles Stanford
STYLING ; Mitsuru Kurosawa
VIDEO & MUSIC ; Rui Shimamoto-CGM
Woomin Gen-CGM

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