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The DRMTM “Venom Project” reflects the question of the human being in an artificial way. Who are we? What is the purpose of our being? Why do we exist? Are we here to pollute the ocean with tons of waste that we produce? Do we exist to blow huge amount of emission into the air? Being surrounded by poison that the human race creates itself we can be considered as the dark side of nature.
With the “Venom Project” DRMTM does not want to judge or save the world but to hold the mirror.

In its limited production line up DRMTM uses the colors black, the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light and its opposite color white that often represents darkness in contrast with light.

The selection of hoodeds, crewnecks and tees are composed of high quality premium fabrics together with modern fittings and mysterious designs. The collection also features some snapback caps as well as a limited run of extreme soft modal fibres scarfs and two skateboard decks.


Creative Direction: David Kosock & Mark Smith
DoP / Edit: Dustin Schöne
Production: Think Big Media
Music: Rafik – Keep it on the Low

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