Let’s face it, we could all use a little extra help when it comes to training and our diet. It’s tough to keep track of what you’re eating, what new workouts and routines you have planned, and your overall growth and development.

Gone are the days of carrying around a journal and manually logging your progress – and they won’t be missed. Since the advent of the smartphone a plethora of apps have been created to help you stay motivated, goal-oriented and organised during your workouts and whilst planning your meals.

With this in mind, here’s run down of some of FashionBeans‘ top fitness apps…


Everest Fitness App

Goals are something that everyone needs to have in their life. They make your dreams tangible by putting an emphasis on those important and often difficult decisions that help you to get where you want to go.

This is where Everest comes in. Everest helps you formulate and achieve your goals by: allowing you to connect with others who have similar ambitions, breaking goals down into manageable steps, and sending you friendly reminders to keep you on track.

It’s a great way to document your journey and inspire others, and a fantastic starting point.

Everest is available for FREE on the iTunes Store.


Endomodo iOS App

Endomodo is a fantastic all around and simplistic sports tracker that lets you select the activity of your choice and get started without having to fuss around with a complicated and confusing interface.

Using your phone’s built-in GPS, it will give you feedback based on your speed, distance, pace and calories burned during your workout, along with a detailed map of your travels. It can be paired with wireless heart rate monitors and cycling cadence accessories to give more accurate information.

Once your workout is complete you can share with friends and connect to facebook.

Endomodo is available from FREE to £2.99 (pro version) on the iTunes Store.



With a focus on weight and resistance training, JEFIT separates itself from other fitness logging apps by providing detailed information and animations of over 1,300 exercises.

It also allows users to search, create and record personalized workout routines right down to weight and reps. JEFIT even includes a ‘set’ timer that let’s you maintain your pace by keeping track of the time between each set.

Its auto synchronisation feature uploads personal stats to an online profile where you can interact with and follow others whilst fine-tuning and monitoring your progress.

JEFIT is available from FREE to £2.99 (pro version) on the iTunes Store.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal iOS App

In order to actually see the results of all the hard work you’ve put in at the gym, it’s important to keep your diet in check. Calorie Counter simplifies this process by allowing users to track the calories that they consume during the day by selecting food items and grouping them into different meals such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Once all the items have been added and categorised, the app provides detailed information based on serving size and composition, as well as other important nutritional facts such as fat, carbohydrate and protein content.

In order to gain or lose weight users can adjust their caloric intake for either a deficit or surplus and Calorie Counter will notify you if these goals are being met. To enhance user experience, it supports apps such as Endomondo for a better view of caloric expenditure.

MyFitnessPal is available for FREE on the iTunes Store.


Fitocracy iOS App

Who doesn’t love a bit of competition? Fitocracy is a social media and fitness app bundled into one. It tracks your progress and allows you to manage your activities and goals – from cardio to strength training and weight loss.

It also allows users to join groups based on their interests and compete with others to earn points, level up and become fitocracy leaders. It does all this whilst providing access to a plethora of information provided by top exercise instructors, nutrition experts and fitness coaches.

Fitocracy is available for FREE on the iTunes Store.

Final Word

So there you have it, a few of our favourite free fitness apps currently available on iOS. Why don’t you let us know some of the fitness apps you can’t live without in the comments section below…